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Monday, March 30, 2015

WOW! Jay-Z Lauches Tidal (.com) With Extended Promo On The Voice

A host of the biggest names in the music industry have joined together to launch Tidal, a streaming service being billed as the first artist-owned platform for music and video.

Congratulations to programmer/developer William Shier who was the original registrant of in 2001 and held it until recent transfer to the surrogate that acquired the domain for Jay-Z and partners.


Frank Schilling's Million Dollar Quick Flip

Here is the third and final installment of Domain Name Sales house and Powerseller examples of winter sales. Frank always claims he leaves money for the next guy, but in the case of his $215K sale of, all the buyer had to do is add a zero and flip away. 



Sunday, March 29, 2015

7 Of The Luckiest Addresses In The Startup World

BIG NEWS in unwalling gardens: Facebook video now embeddable and GMAIL calendar to iPhone; 6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture; Keyword Research and Analysis - Bill Hartzer; Google, Apple and others list demands for spying act changes; Bootstrapping to Big Bucks; Why Meerkat and Periscope Are the Biggest Things Since, Well, Twitter... and... Apple Explores Ways To Secure, Set Up And Sell iOS Devices While Still In The Box

7 of the luckiest addresses in the startup world @JenAlsever
The Luckiest Office Buildings for Startups
via Bill Hartzer

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