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Sunday, June 01, 2008

$10 Million Plus Reduces 3 Letter Domain to 2; A Tale of Al Gore, Steve Jobs and MEWE

Wake up folks, it's a call to action for the class of 2008. A time for BIG IDEAS and the value they create.

Inside sources reveal that Apple may have paid in excess of $10 million to acquire Why am I the only one who gets why and why that's cheap?**

Cloud computing changes the game. With iPhone, iGoogle, MAC and (gasp) YES iReport, Apple makes my space your space. Now YouTube becomes YOUR tube. Me=I=We= Al Gore+ Google plus Apple. Oh my!

Good bye dotMOBI. Good bye dotTV. Good bye Bill. Good bye Rupert. Good bye Jerry.

Finally the stock will hit the $300 I predicted it to be last Christmas for the same reason.

It's all coming out at the meeting next month. With every other conference struggling to fill the seats, no wonder why it sold out so far in advance. Took you long enough, Steve!

It's all here, where it's been in your face all along.

So read up.

**What's a name worth and why was iPhone worth $30 a unit to license from C i SCO? Times 30 million units and everyone thinks a mere $1million is so much for a domain.

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