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Friday, December 04, 2009

Frank Schilling Gems: Fabulous Rolls their Shiny New Hot Rod out of the Garage


Hotrod_3I blogged about this a while back. It may not look like it.. but this system is the beginning of something revolutionary. It links previously unlinked buckets of names so people looking for a domain name can take their pick from the best of all worlds, available inventory and privately held inventory. In the past you could only make money from your domains in paid-search and re-sales were spotty and unpredictable. This is going to value the long-tail of your portfolio which makes no PPC revenue, because it is going to drive a more consistent stream of offers and create a more reliable and vibrant secondary market for domain names:

Dear Frank Schilling,

As you may have already heard, has launched its Domain Distribution Network (DDN) that allows access for domain portfolio owners to list their domains across multiple aftermarket domain sales platforms.

Some of these platforms include Registrars, Aftermarket Portals, WhoIs query websites, and Lead Generation Affiliates. In addition, Fabulous also enables domain owners the ability to have domain sale functionality embedded on their own parked domains with only a 3% (bank fees*) transactional cost for successful domain sales.

Our current implementations include a real time aftermarket sales process (during registration attempts) with the world’s largest registrar. We also expect live implementations to extend to four of the top five ICANN registrars progressively between the next few weeks and October. The sales to date have been very encouraging.

The advantages of the Domain Distribution Network:

-Dramatic increases in domain sale exposure through registrar registration processes
-Access to new Lead Generators
-Real time settlement “Instant Transfer Protocol” (60 second settlement)
-Use of domain classification, pricing tools and live customer support
-Centralized management of domain sales and traffic
-Discounted fees for sales generated by your own domains (X%)*
-High commissions for generating leads as an Affiliate
-Fixed and/or Make Offer pricing** is ready to actively sell your domains via the world’s largest registrars and affiliates. Please contact your representative for more details. You could be live this week!


Dan Warner

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