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Monday, September 20, 2010

11 Years Later, The Dilemma Is Still The Same and The Shine Always Shines on Domains

"Many have knocked .TV, but .TV is being heavily promoted and recognized worldwide as an up and coming TLD. .TV will rival the other TLDs. What do you think about PayLessPerView.TV and 19:06:16 2000 -"

"Ever hear the phrase "Make hay when the sunshines"? There are PLENTY of seasonal businesses that folks only work a few weeks a year and make enough to live on for the rest of the year. Selling christmas trees, pumkins, halloween costumes, fireworks etc. may get more traffic in the next 30 days than many sites do in a year. Edwin, I'll go check it out! Any other sponsor suggestions out there?" Domain King 2000

"I took your advice and bought a name on auction.Ive been looking awhile but have found little that has caught my eye that I could actually afford. But anyway I bought . What do you think? I know it will definately get type ins.Just wondering how many you think it might get daily. Its being transferred so It might be a couple of weeks till I can turn it on. But other than that question,I never thought I would run into someone who made it up the treehouse and had enough compassion to throw the rope back" down. "

"In need of some capital so I am testing the waters to see if there are any interested purchasers of the following niche adult domains all essentially undeveloped unless otherwise noted- (this is developed...Links Search Engine)"

" CEO thing is getting as old as that DNA stuff. You're blowing your money on useless fantasy domains that nobody will visit. These valueless domains are available."

Blasts from the past- from my vaults this is what domainers were chatting about 11 years ago today:

I had 8 domains registered before, and now I have 115.

My type-ins have been steadily climbing, and so has my savvy. The last 30 domains I've registered have about 3x the traffic as the first 75. I consider a domain worth it if I can bring in at least $1-2 per month, and so far I've found that maybe 15-20 of these domains I've registered have that potential. My main problem is that the best domains I've been able to register bring in about 7-10 hits/day.

I can't seem to run across these 200+ type-ins/day (or ever 25+ type-ins/day) domains that everyone says aren't too hard to find. Am I doing something horribly wrong? Am I on the right track? Do I start trying to sell the 75 unprofitable domains and keep the domains that bring in a net profit of maybe $5-$30/year? Am i sniffing up the wrong tree and there are tons of domains that some of the long-timers pass up because they only get about 50 type-ins/day?

Also, do you guys write some tools that keep track of expiring domains and check them daily(hourly?) when they are set to expire? Where can I find the hooks for WHOIS and tools like that so I can write programs that extract this information? typing WHOIS at my shell prompt only tells me if the domain is taken or not, the register, the DNS, and the last modified date. I know there is more info available because WHOIS use to provide this, where can I get it now? Any help would be good, the best tools I've found are the go2 inventory and this board. Here are some examples of what I've acquired and the reason behind it, maybe you guys can tell me if this is a good strategy or not: (found on an old expired domain list, about 1-4 hits/day from old lingering links, it must have use to be some sex site that never renewed) (10-15 hits/day, figure people don't know how to pluralize correctly) (10-15 hits/day, found that was taken, but the .com was free, so I registered it, not bad traffic (in my portfolio)) (5-8 hits/day, gets 500K searches/month, once in a while someone has to accidently type a "s" right?) (4-6 hits/day, was browsing for .edu's that didn't have corresponding .com's taken, this was the best one I could find, .edu gets 800 hits/day.

The one interesting side effect was that I get about 5-10 email messages a day to people at (directed at, what can I do with these, any ideas?) (1-2 hits/day at best, I thought for sure this was gold b/c when you say it outloud "PornCity dot Net" it could easily be mistaken as (and we all know how huge is), needless to say, didn't live up to my expectations) Those are pretty typical, I have a couple ones that baffle me as to why they get no traffic (eg., was getting 7K searches/month on goto in sept and august, now I can't even find it on there anymore, has yet to get 1 hit). Can anyone provide a few pointers, maybe nudge me in the right direction and hint and what I might be doing right v. wrong? quick question, if I see something that is on goto that has a .com after it, and 30 searches/month, is that a good indicator that it should be a 10+ hit/day site (if it's not registered already?) okay, that's about it, sorry for the long post, hopefully those who are having worse luck than I can benefit from my ideas, and those that see me in the stage that they were themselves a while back will be able to give me some hints as to how to get to where they are. -Name Removed 22:06:41 2000 -

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