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Friday, March 25, 2011

DMD: NYSE— eNom Gets Into The Business of Content As King

Santa Monica-based Demand Media (DMD), the Internet content publishing company run by Richard Rosenblatt, is applying its crowdsourced content model to eNom, the domain name registrar it owns. According to eNom, it has put up a new content portal focused on the .ORG domain name, which is powered by Demand Media's creative studios. The portal features articles about the .ORG domain, which were created by Demand Media's creative professionals. eNom also said it will offer its customers the ability to use rotating articles from Demand Media for their hosted domains. Using live, updated content usually boosts the rankings of domain names, particularly those that are "parked" by domainers to collect Internet advertising revenue. eNom said it will offer up Demand's content through a service called RichContent.

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