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Saturday, June 11, 2011

SkyDrive (.com) While You Were Sleeping Microsoft Was Buying The Best Cloud Name Yet, and 236 More

"Now some people think that the cloud is a just a hard disk in the sky - Right?" ~~Steve Jobs (priceless and ironic!)

The cat is out of the bag on Cloud Computing. It's a total paradigm shift in computing and it's going to be a war out there among the major players- Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, IBM, HP and Microsoft was well prepared. In a shift to "Steve Jobs-like" thinking, they put branding first, quietly deploying their Tenpenny surrogates to acquire from it's owner since 1996, Auto Europe LLC, in September of 2009 long before the owner would have any clue who was behind the purchase and how significant this domain name would be. They bought it on9/25 and transferred it to Microsoft on 9/26.

So chalk another one up in support of the idea that appraisals are worthless. It also validates my argument that while domainers were chasing things like 3D, they missed the biggest opportunity in naming today. Yes I said missed, because as this Microsoft example proves,the end users are way ahead of you. There's no speculation left on a trend after the day it's announced. I wonder how many other domainers will have their eyes popping out of their heads when they see what they gave up these past two years to whom and what those names became.

I mentioned the other day in "Spare the C-Word: Only Registrars Enriched By Pigeon Shit Cloud Speculation,: the best cloud computing names will NOT have the word cloud in them. Think of computers- they are laptops, desktops, mainframes, tablets-- same here.

What cloud computing is is basically a replacement of the PC. Instead of keeping, upgrading, accessing, synchronizing your stuff among various devices, with cloud computing you go to a website, log in and your desktop is there as if it were on your computer. In a MUST READ article about iCloud in called Apple's iCloud: The Winds of Change, the author traces Steve Jobs statements back a dozen years to show the foundation, the idea, the revolution as it developed and progressed. Statements like "The minute that I don't have to manage my own storage, and the minute I live primarily in a connected versus a stand-alone world, there are new options for metaphors. We've all been blinded into thinking that the browser controls the Internet," he added. "But that's not true. What's the most popular app on the Internet? [It's] e-mail. And you don't use a browser for e-mail….More and more of what we'll be doing will be in terms of such client applications. We believe that the next wave of the Internet will be client applications that work intimately with the Internet, but not necessarily with a Web browser. You can think of iTunes the same way, allowing access to Internet content through a specialized interface rather than a browser."

The article concludes, "Yet when all is said and done, iCloud will usher in a new kind of computing and one that's more in-tune with this generation that's always on the go and on in general. It offers tremendous convenience and will be ubiquitous. The fact that any change that you make on a document on one device will be instantly downloaded to all of your other devices is simply too hard to resist. But until it's in our hands, speculation will be all over the place and we'll just have to wait until it all unfolds. But without a doubt, the winds of change are upon us. While many of us will likely continue to choose a next generation personal computer and supplement it with smart devices, the vast majority of the globe may in fact want cheap and mobile and that spells all-things iCloud related. It's something to get excited about and not fear. Life is a journey – so enjoy its many twists and turns."

Among the other names acquired by Microsoft:

As the article ended, "So in the end, make no mistake about it, the winds of change supporting the Post PC era are already underway in Apple's many research labs at this very moment. Apple's patents have already pointed to completely new kinds of devices in the making including a "desk-free computer," a cool "Visual Head Display" and even a hybrid tablet device. Apple's patents pointed to their coming iPhone in 2006, a year before it debuted in 2007. It even confirmed that iTunes based cloud services were coming before they actually debuted. Apple's patents will continue to clue us in on their next wave of innovations and I can't wait to cover them all.:"

Get ready – the winds of change have only begun.

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