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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

DNS Closes January Spectacularly; Launches 100s of New Ideas & Improved Marketing Strategies on Grand Domains

It's no wonder why Frank Schilling is grinning ear to ear, lighting up all of Santa Monica Boulevard with his big, bright trademark smile.

His Domain Name Sales brokerage (still in its infancy after platform expansion beyond his own inventory to other selected domain investors) continues to place real people in real businesses on great domain names— with outstanding results.

Many of the larger, mid-five to six figure sales, like,,, (truncation for Pop Tent Media),,,, and — are from Frank' s own personal collection, which is even more finer and impressive then ever imagined with every bow it takes in the sales spotlight.

Worth the wait and still unique one of a kind assets that are irreplaceable at any price.

Yet many others are selling at surprisingly best buys that beat what other end users pay at Sedo or Buy Domains.

Like the British Realtor selling million dollar country estates found his own name, Snapes.Co.Uk on DNS for under $3K. Another Realtor, Las Vegas' Shelter Realty taking control of, and Lucylingerie.Com.Ve truncation to just in time for their gorgeous Brazilian models appearance in SuperBowl spots.

Also coupons online are already driving customers into the showroom at Another truncation/extension augmentation reason to close goes to AuctionTime.Com who picked up AuctionTime.Co.Uk.

All of theses cited above for under $5K and many under $3k!

Congratulations also go to domain investor/superstar Jeffrey Reynolds on purchase of In order for the "truncation-based" sale of Aquajoy.Co.Uk to Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd (previously and to Jordon Reduction Solutions! REAL people doing REAL business on Great Domains! now has an easier marketing job with (and if they ever don't want it, what a great Apple Cloud name!)

Bay Area Surgical Management's Marketing strength was improved over night with a great under $10K buy on exact match LLLL, is what it says and already open for your quote. An instant global presence for a new company who opens their doors to unlimited potential virtually overnight.

And speaking of blue sky dreaming, congratulations to, purchasers of the domain as the name for a new app and one that will have other developers who had assumed dotCom out of their league, looking deeper within the DNS inventory where under $3K bargains like this abound.

In the Larry Fisher, "who the hell can afford to pay that for that?" category who knew was brand of coco butter-based skincare products. That would be easily appealing and acquired by the current holders of

This is something we are all learning about. Elliot Silver has been blogging about LeadRefs, an ideal tool to find these obvious deals that hide in plain sight. Using such a tool, the owner of might not have had to wait years for a DNS sale to tell him that his best prospect was waiting for him all along at

Says Frank, "We’re extremely excited about the collection we’ve managed to build. It’s like nothing else on the Internet. The names in our catalog represent an irreplaceable life's work. For the last twelve years, our team has slowly and methodically built one of the largest and most valuable privately owned collections of domain names on the Internet."

Here in USD, estimated as disclosed by DNS, are the sales from January. Significant sales are included in my chart on the right navigation with links to the current state. under $3k under 3K under $3k N/A $3-5k N/A $5-10k $50-100k under $3k n/a $3-5k N/A under $3k $20-50k under $3k $10-20k under $3k $3-5k$5-10k $3-5k N/A N/A $50-100k $10-20k N/A N/A under $3k $3-5k N/A N/A under $3k N/A N/A $10-20k N/A$3-5k under $3k N/A under $3k $5-10k $20-50k $20-50k N/A N/A under $3k $20-50k USD under $3k under $3k $5-10k N/A $3-5k $50-100k under $3k under $3k $5-10k under $3k under $3k $20-50k N/A $10-20k U $100-150k $20-50k under $3k $5-10k $50-100k USD $50-100 under $3k N/A $5-10k under $3k $20-50k N/A under $3k N/A $5-10k N/A $20-50k $5-10k under $3k N/A $3-5k $50-100k N/A N/A N/A

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