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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allchin to Gates "We're Smoked"-Rumor: Cook Dropping The "i" Word

"Has anyone noticed the irony of AppleWebKit coming from MS's IPs? "

Re: Bill Gates Shares Public Sentiment That iPad May be Apple's Biggest Miss- February 11, 2010 8:29 AM

I am writing this post because I am happy to see Bill Gates finally paying attention after our provocative post about Ballmer.

How do I know Bill Gates is reading this?

It's because in the early 90s I sent an email to him. A form response "thanks for your suggestions etc" came under his name and the digital DNA that was left, showed a hotmail alias and was created on a PC running MAC. This was a prototype that was hotly contested for political reasons among chip makers and veto'd by Steve Jobs that never made it into public domain.

And since my post, the same digital DNA pegs Gates to reading these posts.

When I worked for a Cloud software company I was amazed that on any PC I could call up my MAC from home and use it like a MAC would. I thought what a blessing, if you could have the best of both worlds. I always wondered why the cloud wasn't marketed that way.

Now with iCloud- it will- everything will work together- the email you sent on a tablet will get copied and filed in the sent mail of all your other devices.

It is the key to unlocking the enterprise.

It's happening right before our eyes.

The people buying the iPads are the ones who will force the issue.

One of the reasons that Apple has been so successful is branding and marketing and innovation based on looking at customer problems and solving them. Other equally talented organizations keep the same old same old and they rely on captive audiences rather than building buzz and excitement.

Discussing Apple's high profile iTunes store launch in 2003, Gates writes to a fellow executive, "Steve Jobs ability to focus in on a few things that count, get people who get user interface right and market things as revolutionary are amazing things...However I think we need some plan to prove that even though Jobs has us a bit flat footed again we move quick and both match and do stuff better."

His fellow executive, Jim Allchin, was even more blunt. He writes, "We were smoked."

But where there is smoke there is fire.

As one of the earliest MAC users and champions I can tell you that the only way I could have run my business using the leverages, capabilities and efficiencies of MAC was because Microsoft word was an application that ran on both platforms. I could take my client's word briefs and turn them into ads and brochures. I could sent them updates, schedules, email etc. The success of Apple would never have been possible without the role of Gates' word.

No surprise Apple is Gates single biggest customer. Every device sold to a PC user needs Office to take their investments in Windows digital assets and keep them working for them without a lot of manual labor.

Though the iPhones and iPads don't have the Office app, iCloud will. And that's why everyone (600 million and counting) that holds a MAC device in one hand and looks at a laptop and desktop from Dell across the room, will go for the subscription to iCloud. It will also solve the IT managers biggest challenge, employees demanding that their MACS work seamlessly with their corporate applications. Microsoft has made a fortune from Apple but really stands to make a fortune when 6 billion people on the planet will
increase productivity,gain access to knowledge and research and save money and gas on everything they buy.

With this rumor has it that the i branding convention will be retired. And it should be just like MAC, iMAC, G4, MacBook, AirBook and more have evolved over time.

From my blog posts and observation of MAC users, I know that few really get what iCloud is.

Few know how to leverage the incredible music, photo and video tools and sharing.

That's why they have no clue what I am talking about most of the time.

To generate the same kind of excitement to create demand for iCloud it needs to be renamed MicroMac "Finally Everything Computes"

Commercial "I'm a PC and I'm A MAC but now I am also a PC- what an idea giving consumers access to the best of both worlds. We call it the MicroMac- the ultimate computing solution.

(show Star Trek clip) Science fiction made real. And since your iPhone is much more than a phone, and your iPad is no longer based on typing, and your applications and files are not on either device but on a website, we're renaming the iPhone Spock and the iPad Kirk- Spock and Kirk give you the power to reach for the stars and realize your true potential. After all, if Microsoft and Apple take joint control of the "Enterprise" who better than Spock and Kirk in command? Of course the phones and tablets could be named "trekkie" as everyone understands Star Trek and the equity in those perceptions would fundamentally reverse the branding mistake of iCloud and give folks an aspirational image that clicks. Get it "Trekkie to Enterprise"

Windows devices will be renamed 'doors" opening a world of possibilities. Their phones and tablets can be named the Knob and The Bell.

Mobile devices are really like TV remote controllers- they give you remote access to your desktop which instead of being on your computer, is on the web and what your device gets is simply a screen image. That means download times and bandwidth will never be of concern again.

There are some videos that I can find and digitize that will blow your mind. Stay tuned.

But I've told you that the best Cloud names will not contain the word Cloud. That's because it's a tech term the masses will never be drawn to. I know having done the research for the inventors who never could get the messaging right.

oh btw, Don't cry for Gates. He is one of Apple's largest shareholders knowing what I know early on. At the end of the day he will make more off Apple than Jobs and Gates combined.

And he should be. Without Word, Apple would have become rotted fruit. Moreover Gates stepped up and was credited for saving Apple from demise in 1997 Wired: Microsoft rescues one-time and future nemesis Apple with a $150 million investment that breathes new life into a struggling Silicon Alley icon.

The whole value proposition whatever it eventually is called, is that now you are the captain of your life.

You are in control. You are the commander.

Whereas with Windows, it's been the other way around.

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