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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Just Any Eye: Donna Schaffer 5-figure Sales Streak Soars Thanks To The Revolutionary DNS Sales Platform

"Love the recent articles on the FragerFactor regarding end-users, domain upgrades, SIRI and the coverage of sales at DNS. I think this really helps end-users understand the value of Domain names... It's not estibot! "

Yep, she's closed another one- the 10th solid sale since we've been reporting results following Frank Schillings release for his personal sales system FREE to the portfolios parking at If you have a AAA rated portfolio, get on Frank's platform. Your life will change on that day.

And congratulations to Donna on an one-eyed, double-digit sale:, that looks so expensive until your forget there may be more than meets the EYE in this case like IDN: 无法找到该页 for 15 large!

Other Donna blockbuster sales closed by selling reasonable and selling off another great portfolio that's been placed in the trust of the DNS team:, which will be the name for a CLOUD expense based track...

and... "Keeper Mobile data encryption for Smartphones" APP has been rebranded to compliment existing KeeperDesktop. Congratulations to domainer Donna Schaffer and her broker, DNS, on this sale, one of a pair of near five-figure sales- the other sold to

From previous posts:

"Keeper Mobile data encryption for Smartphones" APP has been rebranded

Callpod is a creator of consumer electronic products and software that enhance existing technology, and the new owner of the perfect domain to brand their mobile password security APP and compliment an existing APP called KeepDesk--

Darren Guccione is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Company. Darren has extensive experience in product design, engineering and development. Prior to Callpod, Darren served as Chief Financial Officer and financial advisor to JiWire (, now the leading media and technology service provider for the WiFi industry. He was formerly the Chief Financial Officer and a primary shareholder of Apollo Solutions, Inc., which he and his partners sold to CNET Networks, Inc. in June 2000.

In 2009, Callpod has launched Keeper Desktop, its first software application for desktop and laptop computers.shortly thereafter, Callpod officially introduced Keeper Mobile data encryption for Smartphones. It quickly became the #1 most downloaded password storage application on iTunes (iPhone and iPod Touch) and is consistently the top 5 most downloaded business software app on iTunes.

Now to compliment the branding of KeeperDesktop, the "Keeper Mobile data encryption for Smartphones" APP has been rebranded

“Today, consumers need to do everything they can to keep important information as safe as possible, “said Craig Lurey, Callpod’s CTO and Co-founder. “Keeper uses one of the most powerful encryption tools in the world to do just that and users can feel confident that their information is safe against thieves and hackers.”

Congratulations to domainer Donna Schaffer and her broker DNS on this near five-figure sale. Donna and DNS also recently to

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