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Monday, March 26, 2012

Will You Pass The New DNS Code of Conduct? FCC, ISPs Join Forces to Fight Routing Hijacks, Botnets

Bundled with the second issue is the third issue of vulnerabilities to the domain name system (DNS), the databases that associate websites' text-string URL representation with specific numeric internet protocol addresses. Domain hijacking via DNS attacks remains a popular method of hacking, and in some cases hackers have taken down entire DNS server blocks.

Mess of wires routing
Domain hijacking and traffic rerouting can raise serious threats to national security online. [Image Source: Chris Woebken/Flickr]

The FCC and some others have advocated a new protocol dubbed DNSSEC ("Domain Name System Security Extensions"), but the coalition shied away from accepting that effort.  The key point of contention is that the new protocol would expose all the domains within a particular host, which would give attackers a virtual laundry list of who to attack.

Standards committees are working to address this major security flaw, but a robust solution has not yet been fully realized.

In the meantime, the coalition hopes to push browser-makers to do a better job monitoring DNS antics, and protecting users from visiting known hostile domains.

Together, the ISPs and FCC's DNS/routing pact is dubbed "the DNS code of conduct".

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