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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beware of emails from

I opened an email today that crashed my system. It appears that the hackers may have got the assets and lists and are spoofing them to distribute Malware.

I have removed my domaining feeds and buttons from this site until the situation is explained and security is assured.

This is something I wrote about when DreamHost had 6 million WordPress sites attacked. I lost two of them that I had invested 10s of thousands of dollars in building. Moreover a client's site was attacked and replaced by a Google warning. Imagine how that looked for customers. I bet on WordPress but now know that I bet on the wrong horse.

It was a wake up call that development is not so simple because of the security risks today. Unless you have money to have an expert on retainer, your business can be destroyed. Google flags these sites and all linked sites associated with them and it can ruin your entire search equity that you've invested in.

Where you register, where you host makes a difference. WordPress is a template sold by designers. There is no support nor virus teams as they have at companies like Apple and Amazon to defend attacks. Same with your hosts. You can not get customer service and often they have no back ups (someone else also advised against shared hosting).

People laugh at me at and on Blogger. And I have let some contractors steer me away from those decisions to the very alternatives that cost me a future. Search this blog under those keywords to see why I justified those decisions and how right I was in my warnings against some of the "guilt by association" that comes with other choices.

Domaining was always a great idea and invention. So was parking. But if your traffic an business model hinges on someone else, you are always living on borrowed time. Thankfully I built a strong brand long before domaining and have social media and VIP newsletters that keep me on  the radar and fill the site daily with a higher quality traffic of end users and business owners who have evolved from the early stages of domaining into a need for marketing their investments and understanding new trends and technologies that could impact their futures. These visitors don't come for me, they come because they connect with a headline in a rss feed or social media that interests them. Or from Google where I hold 10s of thousands of top positions.

To make my long story shorter, the set it and forget it days of domaining are over. You need to pool your resources into a single idea, develop it wisely, engage an seo expert to help get it out to the world, have funds to defend lawsuits and pay for security and other advice where to host and how you can hold the right hosts accountable.

You should also have insurance.

This is why I tabled all of the development I invested in I realized if it's going to be a business it's not a one man job. And tremendous resources must be allocated to plan for security and liability that opening a real business requires. Plus no one will give you money unless you've established a reputation and trust. That takes PR and focus groups and engaged visitors.

In my previous article about Alan Dunn, there is the way to do it.

Or like Rick Schwartz says you can stake your umbrella on the beach you discovered and wait for the buses to bring the folks who'll pay to sit under them. There is one beach in Hawaii that was built this way. Just a mile away from an even better beach where my umbrella has been staked in the ground long ago. You may have seen it in movies, most recently George Clooney's Descendants and always in Magnum PI. Those movie stars who discovered the location through their work, ended up buying the shacks on the beach from the locals and make their homes there. A friend owns the one Obama rents.

Most tourists would never discover this paradise. First because you can't see it from the road. Second because the tour operators take you to their beach which the industry promotes as the best. You never see what's beyond the curve. Plus you are warned that it's a dangerous area full of crime. The only reason I ever knew of it was because a friend from Vermont was staying with a friend who owned a shack there. So when I was in town on business, I ventured over for lunch.

Domain Success is about seeing what's beyond the curve, not trying to repeat the model of the guy who fills the first beach and leads you to believe you can simply pick a beach and do that too.

Reinvent yourself. Rethink domaining. Prospects have already picked their beach and the only way you can lure them away is to build a better beach. You need to see beyond the curve and that's what I have been offering up here that has made a difference for many people you know and respect.

Francois real asset is way bigger than And has nothing to do with domains.

I've tried to point that out to him. Maybe now he'd be more receptive to taking around the curve where his payday lies on the other side. And his costs and risks are passed through to others.

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