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Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Teams With and Here's The Mind Blower

"We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"
- Steve Jobs (Ash Maurya's passion and ambitions)

Who owns the best cloud names in the country including one of the above? The one Citrix made s big announcement about today.

He's the Indian Open Source Red Hat Development maverick whose side projects are probably flying under the radar until today. The one who like Steve Jobs was laughed at by an industry of convention that's supposed to be about innovation. The one responsible for the headline that reads, "Red Hat Rubs Its Billion-Dollar Year In Bill Gates' Face."

That's because Domainers are following videos profiles on DomainSherpa and DomainSuccess while there are other such programs that are telling domaining's even more potent successful stories.

For example's multi-part feature on Spark59 founder, Ash Maurya about applying Lean Startup practices to a one person startup for fun and profit, testing your startup, how to pivot if you are not getting results and more.

His model is very much like that of the only true developer in the domain space whose biggest of all achievements, bootstrapped in the Ash tradition is once featured but then largely dismissed. "

Ash is both a leading light in the Lean Startup movement and is the founder of, and" Download Show #82 here: Show #82 Or if you prefer, Subscribe to the podcast in Apple iTunes.

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Ash Maurya’s Blog, Practice Trumps Theory: Lean Startup + Customer Development + Bootstrap.

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