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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Panda: The Bullet With Every Domainer's Name on It

"In Google’s eyes, those sites generally have little original content—this can include manufacturer-supplied product descriptions instead of text written in-house for a more specific consumer audience—and sites that attract trash-bin links—for instance, from other web properties that Google’s search engine crawlers, for various reasons, view as having little credibility or authority. Like so much that involves Google and search, Panda can make retailers feel as though they’ve entered a grey, frustrating world: While the mathematics operate according to principles of objectivity, the mystery of those operations often can seem so subjective that some e-retailers want to rip hair from their scalps—that applies especially to the mom-and-pop e-commerce operators with whom I talk, the ones who can’t afford top-flight marketing help".

"Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to clear up all that grey when it comes to Panda or related search changes over the year, including the so-called Fresh update, another algorithm revision that has led retailers and marketers to strive for original content, and which Google also said will have a widespread impact."

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