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Friday, June 29, 2012 Goes To The X-Factor While 12-Year Old Upstages Pros @ X-Games

You know but may never have known about all the hard work and passionate staff that stands behind every transaction.

I will be reporting on that after the holiday and I promise that you will get to know our friends at as never before with an incredible untold tale that serves as a teaching moment to help anyone move domain names.

While researching the story I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Mickie Dances, the escrow manager who is responsible for the money. Operationally she runs the backend of and has been doing so since 2005.

She also oversees her son's music ambitions taking them the X-Factor in Oakland, CA and through 4 levels of audition. Her son didn't make it (this time) but if and when you have a chance, you can cheer them on by letting her know you are in her corner.

Speaking of talented youngsters with the X-Factor, check out the X-Games tween that stole the judges hearts. Nicknamed "Fearless at Four," check out skate prodigy Tom Schaar, who started skating at 4 and last week at just 12 -years old upstaged all the pros to break records.

If you want to be inspired today, to be challenged to go higher and faster and further, watch Tom as he takes a break from throwing 1080's and visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat with Ellen and put on a show for her audience.

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