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Monday, July 09, 2012

Problem With New TLDs: Infinite Addresses For Finite # Of Street Lots

Photo via Wired. Geoff Huston,
the gadfly who got Australia online,
warns that address shortage could strangle the internet.
Your domain name name may eventually be revoked. 

Your contract allows it. 

Now a Wired article features Geoff Huston recently inducted to The Internet Hall of Fame as an inaugural member for his crucial work to get Australia online in the late 1980s. 

 "In 2004, Geoff left Telestra to become chief scientist at the nonprofit Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, where he has become a vocal critic of telecoms worldwide for trying in his view to strangle the openness of the internet. Huston says the exhaustion of addresses used to designate locations on the internet under the decades-old protocol known as IPv4 is still a threat, despite the rise of IPv6, a protocol Huston helped to develop in a process he describes as flawed. IPv6 will supply many more addresses, but Huston says telecoms have little incentive to invest in adopting it, since an address shortage would give companies the power to ration internet traffic and charge a premium for easier access." 

“We’re going to rip neutrality apart, and ultimately we’re not going to have one network anymore. We’re going to have a bunch of mini corporate networks like the 1980s,” he says." 

What are folks going to do they came to late or waited to long to claim a legitimate place online? Geoff thinks bak to his own childhood. Born the year television arrived in Australia, his parents wouldn’t let him watch. While he sometimes snuck away to friends’ houses with TV, Huston says his deprivation forced him to read. Through books, he developed a love of words, a love that oddly enough led him to become the father of the internet in Australia." 

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