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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beloved Warren Royal Sells; Mike Mann & More Sales on the DNS Platform

Congratulations to everyone's favorite domainer, and one of our 2010 winners among Domaining's Most Fascinating People,  Warren Royal of fame, for his near $10,000 sale of on the DNS platform.

Congratulations to Mike Mann, Chad and Sonia and the team at Mike reported the  other day (11/15) 15 domain names sold:
Avg: $4,126.67
Total: $61,900

and... Mike's Facebook reporting of hefty ROIs on these sales: $14K, purchased 8/1/12 $80, 4K, purchased 7/9/09 $7.50 $25K, Purchased 2/21/05 (my 38th bday) $350 for $5000, purchased 2/21/05 $350 $9K, purchased 2009-06-29 $70

Says Mike, "Too bad this doesn't cover my debt and payroll (but it sure helps)!"

Additional Frank Schilling sales on the DNS platform include: ($20K);($19K) ($13K) (7.5K) (5K) $12,500  

That would bring November Domain Name Sales Platform Billings to include: $5K $2000 $45K  $5000 10-20K (7.5K)  $18,000 ($13K);($19K) $30K $12,500 at $21,000. $20,000 $5K $5K) $2,000. $20,000 $2200
INFOSPORT.COM $50-10K (Warren Royal)  $10-20K $2K (Kauffman) 14,000 $5-10Kr  $2,250  $3200 $3-5K $2.5K $3K ($15K)
USTennis 10-2-0K (Jay)  $20K-50K $3-5KL ($20K);($15K) ($15K) (7.5K) (7.5K) 

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