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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

dotME Becomes De Facto APP Brand Standard, In Addition to Making Superior Call-To-Action

The dotME brand is really gaining a lot of traction lately. Mike Berkens reported on Everything.ME, Recmnd.Me, Scout.ME, OffersBy.ME and more observing that TechCrunch has revealed a trend among start-ups who are getting funding that also chose the dotME brand.

What this says to me is that dotME, in addition to i's established superiority adjoined to a verb keyword to serve as an advertising call-to-action (or an advertisement in and of itself) is also a great APP brand.

The whole benefit of APPS is that they are personal. The same APP may solve a problem for me that is different than the one it solves for you. It's programmed by personal preferences. This was validated by Apple, who bought Mobile Me which has rolled into iCloud and email addresses, the ultimate in PERSONAL computing.

According toTechCrunch, "Native apps are stealing the show when it comes to usage and functionality on mobile devices these days, but a lot of companies continue to hold out hope that more open HTML5-based mobile web services will ultimately win the day. In the meantime, those who can straddle the two worlds beautifully and effectively may end up the winners."

Not sure that starting up as a dotME brand attracts investors and that the branding helps get funding, but when you look at the bigger picture that all these stories combined tell, that's the implication.

However, I believe every dotME must be defended by also owning the Example Meet.ME is defended by My own Waikiki.ME is defended by

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