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Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday 2012: Ham Finally Gets It While Schilling Still Leaves Christmas Presents for the Next Guy

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On The Receiving End of The Black Friday Line
Every year at Christmas I've been ranting about the untapped lifetime customer value in the billions of data points that pass through the veins of the Ham/Schilling massive and prime portfolios— unmonetized even as they make more money on parking in a year than most will ever make in a lifetime.

But this year with, Kevin Ham has proved that when you extract lifetime customer value, just this one domain activated a few days a year, could bring in more revenue and build more value for acquisition than an entire parking portfolio combined.

For when Elliot Silver and others questioned the headline I posed below in 2009, perhaps now it's clearer what I as referring to. Facebook didn't exist then, but now you can see how smart domainers adapt to change like social media and apps and how these changes make domains, MORE rather than less valuable.

For the best apps, and most Facebook fans can not replace what a clear concise domain can: Get it. Got it Good.

According to WannaDevelop:
"Looks like the now 3 year old is finally kicking some major ass. It’s holding down the #1 spot at and when you search for Black Friday, and it’s #2 over at Bing. is hovering right around the top 500 most popular sites in the USA when you look at"

"Maybe the 1.2M fans of at Facebook got something to do with it really taking off in 2012 as they are spreading the word on “social media” or it’s gotta be the recently released “Black Friday Shopping” app that may set them apart from the rest of the competition?!" 
"I am sure probably all of those things helped a little, but just being around for 3 years has helped the most. Being “well-established” more or less, always helps the most, as you gain a lot of experience and better understanding for what you’re dealing with."

This is almost like Kevin took heed to my explosive post arguing in Nov 2009 that he was leaving BILLIONS on the table:

I opined that it's because Kevin and Frank's sites fail to capture customer data, therefore forfeiting the most value traffic asset- lifetime customer value. Imagine you have a flowers site on PPC. A click is just a click to you, but to 1-800-flowers whom you send it to it's a customer whose data is captured and then remarketed to by email for every occasion (especially the ones like anniversaries and birthdays they reveal in the capture form). Barry Diller's IAC is masterful at this strategy.
For a domainer like Kevin Ham, with hundreds of thousands of sites and peak holiday traffic, advertisers bid on clicks to mine that traffic and strip it of its lifetime value. Kevin's prospect becomes THEIR customer. This amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in future revenue lost.  
MORE here in past TFF posts including "As Christmas Approaches, Schilling and Ham Stand To Lose Billions." 
This is what Seth Godin refers to as lifetime customer value versus eyeball value. And I chronicled case studies in a post titled: " and $125 Million Acquisition by Comcast: What's It All About
Lifetime Customer Value.... that's what it's all about.
Lifetime Customer Value.... that's what it's all about.
Or ask Bill Kara why his domains got the big bucks.
Of course now I am not so crazy because Facebook is worth 100 Billion based on the value of a "friend" a "like" or some other captured customer moment that Frank and Kevin have let slip away many more times over than Facebook, MySpace Twitter can ever match.

But our friend Frank Schilling, he STILL oves to leave money on the table for the next guy. And there's plenty on his table for you to take right now,

Making $20 million a year for 10 years on PPC = $200 Million which left $200 Million more on the table for his partners Yahoo or Google. He could have cut them out, but he likes to leave some money on the table for the next guy.

But that's all a matter of what's important to you in life. And Frank likes to be a good guy who gives back.

He likes to leave money on the table for the next guy.

Meanwhile he's making more money then any of us guys so why worry about what could have been.

If I were you, knowing that, I'd rush to buy his life's work, have it up and running for Christmas but not on parking but on the Liftetime Customer Acquisition strategy I laid out in the 2009 article. And here in the mother of all theories about Lifetime Customer Values versus CPC or CTR.

Meanwhile here is an irreplaceable collection of Frank's untapped life's passion; any or all of which can be yours with plenty of money left on the table for you.

I'd start with the names below, plug them in HERE.\,
Earthmama  (now known as itunes)

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