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Sunday, November 18, 2012

'It Won't Happen To Me"


And one side is about to make a big mistake that puts investors like us in control...
  1. "It won't happen to us." -- Newspaper publishers (WRONG!)
  2. "It won't happen to us." -- Telephone utilities (WRONG!)
  3. "It won't happen to us." -- Stockbrokers (WRONG!)
  4. "It won't happen to us." -- Record companies (WRONG!)
  5. "It won't happen to us." -- Bookstores (WRONG!)
  6. "It won't happen to us." -- Travel agencies (WRONG!)
  7. "It won't happen to us." -- Big box retailers (WRONG!)

Dear Fellow Investor,
There's an 8th industry missing from this list. Can you guess what it is? It's a big one (more than $2.2 trillion). And 99% of us love it to death...
But make no mistake, it's about to fall.
And when it does fall -- all signs are pointing to 2014 -- everyone and their mother is going to claim they saw it coming.
They'll say they knew all about the experimental project that Google launched in Kansas City last Thursday. And why it changed everything. They'll say as soon as they heard Apple's big post-Christmas announcement, they knew for sure. They'll say that the one last "insurmountable" obstacle was obviously no big deal.
They'll be lying.
But that's okay. Because you'll be the quiet one, with the big smile on your face. You'll be the one who knew which 3 overlooked stocks to invest in NOW for max profit...
Before the last domino toppled over.
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