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Monday, November 26, 2012

Leadco (Lead.Co aka. Lead.Us) Offers Turnkey Solution To Buyer of Frank Schilling's

When I talk about Frank leaving money on the table and though making a fortune with traffic, losing 10x more by choosing not to extract lifetime customer value from each name, his recent sale of is a case in point.

With one call to Leadco (a company like many others who already end in co  and are therefore ideal for .co extensioning), and a "life-time customer value capturing" lead generation template is brought online in moments to monetize traffic and rank in Google far beyond the limitations of the past PPC template that adorned it.

Leadco whose tagline is "the lead company" spins their pitch this way:

Since 1999, The Lead Company has offered a 100% free referral service to consumers in search of auto, home, life and health insurance. We strive to connect consumers with the perfect insurance agent or company. Through our quality screening process, consumers searching for quotes online are delivered in real-time to local agents specializing in the exact needs of the individual. 
As a company, our primary goal is to focus on consumer experience. We do this through an innovative approach that connects the consumer with an insurance professional in real-time. The insurance agent or company can then quickly and effectively satisfy the consumer’s needs. Our technical innovation and stand-alone approach to all aspects of the industry makes the quoting process easy for all parties involved. 
The Lead Company is built upon a platform that always puts the customer first. We understand our products are rendered useless if it loses it's focus on the customer. It has been this strategy that has added value to our business and allows for a positive experience for those with whom we work with. Our innovation in the insurance industry has allowed us to help thousands of consumers connect with insurance agents in their hometowns, allowing them to compare their current insurance to what is available, effectively saving time, money and creating piece of mind. At the same time, those same innovations have allowed agents to add another first-class policy to their book of business. 
Whether a consumer requests a quote through our site, or we purchase and provide the insurance leads provided by an affiliate, we qualify every individual contact to match them to the best insurance agent. 
Agents & Affiliates - Get immediate access to quality insurance leads. Contact Us Today to find out more. 
Consumers - Finding affordable auto insurance has never been easier; we will put you in touch with a first-class agent who can provide the best vehicle coverage. Get a Quote from a local auto insurance agent today.
Partners - Our diverse network makes it easy to sell your leads. Check our Partner Resources page to learn more about selling volume insurance leads in real-time with competitive payouts.
In order to provide the highest quality leads, we have taken the road less traveled. It was that decision that made The Lead Company stand-alone in our industry. By living out our core values every day, we provide access to quality insurance agents for consumers and empower our partners, agents and affiliates to grow.   

Like Gate58, that we have also covered here, there are partners beyond the norm who can take domains from fresh thinking investors and monetize them in ways previous generations of domain investors would have never considered.

That in mind, Frank may have left you a Christmas gift in these domains that can still be acquired from him quite reasonably, then monetized quickly using a service like Leadco or Gate58 described above.

Just cut and past whatever domain you are interested in here, and let the games begin!\,
Earthmama  (now known as itunes)

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