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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mike Berkens Was Wrong: Guess Who Owned, and SOLD One of the Best 3D Names?

photo: Microsoft
Mike Berkens claimed Frank Schilling missed the 3D domain gold mine. Not so.

Congratulations to Frank Schilling on the near $10,000 sales of 3D Objects (.com). If only $10K fetched one of the best, time for the 3D believers to rethink their lists.

Other Domain Name Sales Platform sales closed this weekend: $20-50 $5-10K $3-5KL $5-10K $20-50K $10-20K $5-10Kr $3-5k

Adding to November 2012 sales tally: $5-10K $2000 $20-50  $5000 10-20K  $18,000 $20-50K at $21,000. $20,000 $5-10K $2,000. $2200 $20,000  $10-20K (Kauffman) 14,000 $5-10Kr  $3200 $3-5K  $20K $3-5KL

In will check to see who is using these and report back with specifics and back links later next week,

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