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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pain In The Ass Competition Resurfaces on Name Jet

One of Name Jet's biggest buyers and a force that was hard to beat for a AAA name for the past 15 years, has resurfaced the past two days and walked off with more of the gold his portfolio is abundant with.

Could this be a sign that the economy is turning? See things were so bad for domainers, with parking down and reg fees imminent, it's been a buyer's market enabling those with money to buy out those who need it avoiding the cream ever reaching Name Jet.

But the past two days that changed. Our friend took home these gems, among others:   

These new drop catches add to a portfolio that includes (sold)  (sold) (sold) (sold)  (sold)  (sold $20-50K) (sold?)

To inquire about any of the unsold, available for quick cash close names on listed on this page, copy and paste the name in this field HERE

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