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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

.Team Exemplifies The Real World Goodness Within The New TLDs

Mike Berken's post about .BlackFriday attracted me to the Uniregistry website and value presentation of their new TLDs. Especially .Team! 

And in light of last week's 60 Minutes piece "Has college football become a campus commodity?" arguing... that Universities are in the middle of a sports-building binge. "Bigger is better in college football, where new stadiums and longer seasons can mean big revenue for schools. "

I must say as a marketing guy- THIS is HOW you do it. Each TLD has its own prospectus, something I've been arguing every domain broker should provide before be entitled to listings for domains valued at $10K and above. Something like THIS.

While I believe that most of the new TLDs are just excuses for some people to make money because of misunderstanding and confusion over the existing, much better domain name system (i.e.. instead of, is much more powerful branding and ensures better search results.

However in the case of dot Team, and knowing some sports agents who are now helping school and college teams because the stakes have never been higher on the revenue associated (see 60 minutes clip), .Team serves a real world need in a way (currently and forever owned by software giant Citrix for it's SaaS Collaboration platform), and its subdomains can't.

Claims the prolifically written and designed beautifully and navigated easily, Uniregistry website:
"While some may find it difficult to imagine owning a domain name ending in anything but .com, we are at the beginning of a revolution that will change the way people browse the Internet. Unprecedented opportunities are on the horizon with the introduction of new specialty gTLDs like .team. Web users will come to expect more intuitive naming online, while registrants will gain access to a whole new selection of meaningful name options that are much more relevant to their brand. 
This is a unique, one-time opportunity for the art industry to establish its own space on the Internet. With proper stewardship and execution, the .team top level domain will result in better experiences for consumers, exciting new marketing possibilities for businesses, and, ultimately, a thriving online environment for the industry as a whole.  
Domain registrants getting lost in the realm of larger TLD spaces can now establish a credible online presence for their brand in this new space. The .team domain name is more relevant to web users looking for art-related products or information. Your visitors will instantly understand what your site is all about, allowing you to bypass one of the biggest challenges faced by website owners today: attracting audiences that are genuinely interested in your offering.
Uniregistry is at the forefront of this movement, investing in these possibilities to help them become a reality."
Most impressive about the TLD is the team behind it. Take a minute to review their backgrounds. Individually impressive, but collectively like none other supporting end users in the space today. You simply will not find this vanguard of domain talent and vision behind any other gTLD registry.

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