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Friday, December 07, 2012

12 Years Ago Today HP Dropped, Afternic "bullies" Were Plentiful And The King's Speech Was Oscar Worthy

"This is nothing more than securing a pizza stand on the "Boardwalk" and not some desolate area. "
"I never thought I would run into someone who made it up the treehouse and had enough compassion to throw the rope back down. Thanks for all your sharing."

"Free" site should have "Suggestive" pics and poses and NOT PUSSY sticking in the surfers face!!

"Hewlett-Packard just lost FONTS.COM yesterday. Simply amazing what doesn't get renewed. What else was there... I forget. NUCLEARENERGY?"

"Like I say work smarter NOT harder." ~~ Owner

I have a ton of files. I mean a ton. So when I set my mind to finding a post, email or screen shot I may have saved with advice about a certain stock that was up $2 million last I heard but discovered it lost 50% of that value as of today, I wasn't prepared for the trip down memory lane I got in the process.

Searching for a sentence or two that you may or may not have said over ten years ago is little trying to find a needle in a haystack. The experience is like cleaning the basement where every box distracts you with equally fascinating discoveries when revisited through the lens of 10 years of experience and progress.

Bottom line I stumbled upon an archive of a thread on Rick's board exactly 11 years ago today. This thread, compiled in one night, if read back to me by Siri would probably take more than a week. Looking back, a big loss of time and energy resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars bet on the wrong horse and lost. Sound familiar?

The debaters were so passionate about being heard and being right, they probably missed the only 15 minutes that mattered buried within a week of conversation. A Rick Schwartz post- timeless advice that had those in attendance followed, they'd be wealthy and secure today. Argued Rick, "Nothing more powerful than "Been there, done that". Take a little trip with me and let me show you some of the "Markers" you should look for in your search for riches."

Upon review I surmise I saved this thread not for it's brilliant thoughts and ideas, but because I took the bait and became engaged in a major argument and name calling and was afraid I may have revealed trade secrets. Because at the time, I had been under contract to major telco and technology companies and was privy to research and inventions and knowledge of how these innovations would fundamentally challenge everything we thought we knew about the Internet. So imagine a board was engaged in excitement about a fax machine and was putting collectively millions of dollars down on Fax names, and you knew disruptive, fax-killing email was being launched in two weeks and had to stand by silent and watch people drown themselves, holding a life preserver you couldn't offer them by NDA.

And that's what happened as everyone was debating new extensions and preparing to make millions on dot TV. It's exactly the same kind of discussion domainers are still engaged in today. So will this post teach you a lesson? Probably not because it's it's not sanity and business planning that drives most domainers, it's simply a dream that you can get rich quick and not have to lift a finger. That if Rick Schwartz registers and it's worth a million dollars I can register myEproperty.TV and soon I'll be him.

But within all the newbies trying to prove how big their dicks are, there was actually some very smart advice that you could apply to any new TLD being launched today. So before I share Rick's post that you MUST READ, here's what people were talking about in domaining on December 8,2000. There were no blogs other than DNJournal so this is a flavor of what would have been blogged had they existed.

"Did anybody read the afternic newsletter regarding typeins ? Looks like the typeins are entering the mainstream. From their site to the content of their weekly newsletter, Afternic just wants to keep an impossible dream alive. When they first launched, I thought they were going to be a great addition to the domain name community - an easy way to buy, sell and appraise names. But then the ravening hordes stampeded in, and you got the shill bidders, the idiot appraisers (I have had many appraisals ruined by one person coming in and appraising at $999,999,999 - thus pushing the average of all appraisals to some stupidly large numbers) etc. I could go on, but why bother. Most domain name regulars have figured out the gaping flaws in AN already... and the rest are still mesmerized by the promise of a quick buck! When will people learn that 99.9% of all registered domains are junk?? "

"You are definitely one of the good guys here and I value your contributions and the difference they've made for me. I wish there were a way to filter the chaff from the grain here. Because posts can be very POWERFUL. They can influence changes in life both good and BAD. I know of a guy that lost his job. He thought he wouldn't need to find a new job once he discovered domains. He didn't want his wife to get upset, so rather than get an equity loan, he used the equity in his house to get credit cards, and the credit cards to buy domains. The more he put on his credit cards, the more other credit card companies would offer him THEIR cards to payoff the ones he had and carry the balance on theirs at a lower interest. But instead of ripping up the old card, he refilled it to the limit by buying more and more domains. I asked, "How can you do this?" His reply was that he had these domains listed on Great Domains and they were getting millions for them and it would take selling only one to pay everything else off. But that didn't happen. So he began using new credit cards to pay the monthly credit cards fees other credit cards. He reached his limit. He hasn't lost his house, but he did find a job. And through a debt reducation program, $2000 of the $3500/mo he takes home is garnished from the top to pay interest on his domain debt. He hasn't sold one domain. And most have dropped for non-payment of renewal fees. I saw him last week and you know what he said? "What do you think about these dotTVs? dotTV is the ONE. Wanna go in partners with me? History is repeating itself. This can be an addiction and as with all addictions, thinking can be unbalanced.

'Keep in mind, boys and girls, the real money in this domain game is ON THE OTHER SIDE of the CASH REGISTER. The registrars are banking on the fact that speculators and corporations will register any new ccTLD or TLD that is available. That's the side of the fence to be on...go to OPENSRS and sign up to be a domain reseller or go apply to become an accredited registrar. .TV will have it's place in the grand scheme of things... but before you lose your house buying up any more domain names, go to Afternic/Great Domains and check out all the lost souls...and make sure you don't end up like they did. It is truly very sad to see all the dreamers who have wasted their life savings for domain names that no one wants. Keep in mind who is getting FAT off all these speculators...the registrars, the exchanges (Afternic/GD)....truly very sad. I wish Rick still provided the archives because there was a wealth of info/resources/links that newbies could use...maybe someday he will re-open the archives... (hint hint)"

"This is just not an issue for corporate bullies any more. Legitimate developers don't want the value of our names diluted by other extensions either. We've come too far and invested too much. If .org truly meant non-profit, and, TV truly meant broadcast, it would be a good thing. And if there was a law that required registrars to filter out all applications for names that had trademarks or offer new extensions to existing holders of the .com version on a first right of refusal basis, that would be a good thing too. But right now its all over the place and has become a breeding ground for a cottage industry with a new kind of bully. The Afternic bully. We've seen our fair share here lately and they're not pretty. They don't speak like businessmen but rather like street thugs. Every post of theirs contains words like prick, idiot, vulture, piranhas, and asshole. They demonstrate a total lack of knowledge or insight to this business or the Internet in general. Someone of them can't even discern an email address when its link is right in front of their eyes. They misrepresent, lie and constantly cover their tracks rather than jump at the chance to learn from masters. If you read between the lines, here on this board, what we are seeing is the second generation of cybersquatter. They all want to be like Rick. Some of them even call themselves the King. But rather than soak up what he has to say or think about how he got there, they think they can just register the .TV version of any domain, post it here, talk up TV, and sell them back to us."

" I think will get the most type ins though I did not see how many searches were done on goto maybe nudeblondes would get more. >> Bail Bondsman Baldguy >> Bail -- good call! I just checked on goto, and sure enough, FreeNudeWomen gets the highest number (over 20k). What is it going to take to get you people to stop wasting your time with goto. I own and it only gets a few type-ins a day not 100, not 1000, and certainly not 20,000! Org will get you absolutely 0! The goto thing is there to encourage people to bid on these terms and phrases. If you use it for domain speculation you are going to lose big time."

"I am in Beverly Hills now! Once again you open your big mouth and show us the idiot that you really are. Rick, why is it that whenever I start whupping your arse with a logical argument, you resort to empty epithets that have no root in truth: "scumbucket, lowlife, crook" ?? Since .net, .org and .cc never took off, what makes you think .tv will? I can't see it happening. Prices for good .tv names are out of control, let me know when they are $15, like .com is....then i might consider a few. To ask MILLIONS for a one word .tv name right now - imagine the advertising costs to just BRAND the dang thing!! Prices they are asking are just silly. It's like a post i read here awhile ago.....those new toll free area codes, 888, 877 - i think there are more - you KNOW people are going to remember 1-800, not 1--877. 1-800 was BRANDED into our lives!! 1-800 will ALWAYS be more valuable for toll free numbers. I apply the same thing to the net. Dot Coms will rule...

And since Dot Coms will RULE, pay attention to Rick's Oscar Worthy Sermon:

This is my 20/20 hindsight guide to making money on the Net. Nothing more powerful than "Been there, done that". Take a little trip with me and let me show you some of the "Markers" you should look for in your search for riches.

My "Markers" are different than many webmasters on the trail. You'll even mark some of your own if you do it right. Best way is to listen to all the stories and use the best parts of each. First of all you must make a connection between the REAL world and cyberspace. For every net decision, obstacle or challenge there is a real world method that is tried and true.

If you take the time to look for, see and understand the correlation between the net and past history in the real world not only will you avoid many pitfalls but you will greatly enhance your chances of success. Most people leap and then analyze.

Try doing the reverse by taking the time to analyze and then leap. Remember the answer is already there. It's just depends if you are willing to invest the time to finding it or repeatedly falling on your face with no gain and nothing to show for your efforts.

Like I say work smarter NOT harder. In the real world the first thing you might do is find a location for your business. In cyberspace Your "Location" is called your "Domain name". THIS will be your single most important decision and at this stage of the game you have 2 choices. Either FIND a great domain that is still unclaimed or invest in a proven domain that already receives traffic via "Type ins to the browser bar.

Think of it this way: In the real world you would have to get a location, do renovations, furnish it, pay deposits for electric, phone, trash collection etc. Pay first and last months rent, get an alarm system, etc, etc, etc. SO INSTEAD of being "Cheap", take that same money that you would have PISSED away in the REAL world and give yourself the running start that you deserve. I understand that most of you probably don't have this luxury.

That only means you will have to work smarter and harder to get to the same point and that is ALSO easily accomplished if you do things the RIGHT way. Remember if all the ingredients you use are right..your result has a GREAT chance to be right as well. The best way to get a running start is to pick a domain that receives traffic simply because of the address.

This is nothing more than securing a pizza stand on the "Boardwalk" and not some desolate area. The boardwalk location will do business no matter how good or bad his pizza might be cuz of the "Built-in" traffic. Next and equally important is to work hard but BE PATIENT!

Consistency counts and the best way to be consistent is set yourself an obtainable DAILY goal. ALWAYS look at the "End game" and where you would like to be in a YEAR simply by implementing your daily goal. Your biggest job is getting the BEST and most TARGETED "Sex hits" that you can. Quantity is irrelevant and quality is king.

So WHY is it so hard for webmasters to obtain this? Several reasons. First and foremost is the "Trading of links". This is something that can be done AFTER you build your site up. I see link trades made for the WRONG reason. Remember a link trade is the SAME as a mortgage on your house. Don't be anxious to do this. It is the MAIN reason that webmasters average clickthru rate is 20%, and not 80%. This is a BAD way to increase traffic to a new site. I think it is the lazy way out. Now before you all gang up on meÉ..THINK about what I have said. Remember that the best way to start an engine is with gasoline (Hits) and not water (Traded links).

FREE Gas comes from three places on the net. Search engines, type in traffic, and publicity. ALL other hits COST you money or you "Spin" your wheels and get nowhere. The #1 pitfall for webmasters is "Impatience" and unfortunately that breeds cheaters and unethical behavior. Remember it is just as easy to do business with good people as bad people.

If you conduct your business shabbily then you will be relegated to doing business with others just waiting to screw you over. It's your choice and the overwhelming majority screw up. With all the THOUSANDS of adult webmasters to do business with it is no accident that there are only 100 that I would do business with at this point in time.

Personally I would have a "Day job" until my site produced TWICE as much as I could earn in the real world. Making too many changes can hurt you as well so that "Day job" will keep you from doing TOO MUCH tinkering with your site.

Which brings me to the PURPOSE of a "Free" site. The PURPOSE of a "Free" site is to TANTALIZE NOT GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!!! A "Free" site should have "Suggestive" pics and poses and NOT PUSSY sticking in the surfers face!! This is just plain silly business and it COSTS you money, it does NOT make you money. Hand the "HOT HIT" to your SPONSOR. If he jacks off on YOUR site you LOSE! WHAT is so hard about understanding this??

BIGGEST mistake on the entire Internet!

You, the webmaster, are a traffic cop. Your ONLY job in life is getting hits and directing those hits to someone that will give you MONEY. The most important links on your page is the top 2 links and the bottom link. Most other links will produce meager results. What that means is if you have traded links in THOSE positions, you will make VERY LITTLE if any money.

No matter how hard you work if you have it set up wrong it will not produce revenue, as it should. Make some experiments and see for yourself. So where should you be in a year if you follow a plan? Well let's make it easy. Say you make it to 1000 hits a day and you get a 1/500 signup ratio. That would be 2 signups a day or 730 signups per year per 1000 hits per day.

Figure that 66% of those signups will no longer be active in a year. That would net you 240 members at years end. With a simple partnership program with one of many reputable sponsors would net you a monthly income of in excess of $3000 per month per 1000 hits a day that you receive. Repeat EXACTLY what you did 10 times, 10,000 hits would produce $30k a month, and 50,000 hits would yield $180,000k a month.

Just remember that if you get to the first step that you can repeat the process over and over again and repeat the same success. The same recipe that you used to be used for failure can now be used for your success simply by seeing your weakness and then reversing it and using it to your advantage. The secret is STOPPING, ANALYZING, RE-ANALYZING and THEN acting. My best tip.

Your index page should be your entire site. If they click and they don't go somewhere that makes you MONEY..then you should rethink your layout. It really isn't about building a site. It's about creating traffic and "Herding" that traffic so they CLICK on link that will make you money. There are many ways to skin a cat in this business.

This is what worked for me. Others have had success following a different path and may not agree with my analysis. The most important thing is not to be afraid to make decisions. I make more wrong decisions than most people, but I know I make 5 right ones for every wrong one.

Don't get up to bat and you will never strike out.

AND you'll also never hit a home run either. So don't be afraid to make mistakes..

Just MAKE SURE that YOUR mistake does not affect someone else in an adverse way or have unexpected consequences. Remember if you think you can't then you are right. If you think you are also right.  Domain King Tue Dec 8 10:26:23 2000

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