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Friday, December 28, 2012

Apple Still On Track to $1000 Estimate; Reader To Make $100 Million

The most sought after and consumed content on the Frager Factor is my coverage of Apple. It's the biggest story of the year and possibly of all-time. The reason is that it brought a billion new users online. 

A billion folks who feared the computer they associated with work and who lacked the confidence to to believe they had the skills to use it. 

Among those folks were corporate executives who relied on others to run this function, and now with their own two hands and some tutelage from their kids, they were seeing themselves as their customers did. And they were shocked! This is in part a catalyst for 2012's big end user awakening about domain names.

While there's no way to prove it, I'm sure that my coverage of Apple drove a lot of sales and investment. Some readers have written to thank me. The best example I can site is a Madison Ave icon who invested $7.5 million in stock after seeing my early 2006 analysis. Six years later, his gain is near $40 million even after the current dip. He understands that the reason for the dip is due to institutional trading and has no bearing on the valuation of the company or outlook for its future.  He too believes that a $1000 target is achievable. When that happens he will see $7 million grow to $100 million. 

But there's more, six weeks ago he invested another $1 million in a company I've covered that is central to Apple's growth and success and benefit from it. That investment has gained $400k while Apple has fallen. The reason is China. And we are one of the few publications that have explained why. In fact, most of the Apple searches landing here are specific to patents, technologies, people that can't be found anywhere else. Not because no one covers it, but because those who cover it are using a platform that is not conducive to discovery. In many of the articles here, I have the links to those.

Apple has grown very fast and Tim Cook has decided to take a breath. The Steve Jobs surprise I've alluded to may be something Cook is reexamining. The game-changing TV was pushed back and not rushed for Christmas. There are powerful monopolies and forces standing in the way and blind to the market forces that are slowly defeating them. I will be writing all about this soon.

The other shift is corporate. Once a person is served by technology whereas at work it's been the other way around, corporations are forced to fundamentally re-imagine the concept of work. Work is no longer a place you go to. It's what you do. And you do it better with technology as your co-pilot.

Coincidence this is addressed today in big Information Week feature- "As Mobile Work Rises, 9-5 Jobs Decline"

Ps. Domainers may have forgotten the "China" factor. Go back and read your own advocacy of .Mobi........

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