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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did The 7 Mile Lab Guys Invent A Pigeon Shit Button? Patent Pending?

Unbeknownst to the innovation team at Seven Mile Labs, the Cayman think tank powering all the technology behind Internet Traffic and Domain Name Sales, their latest product may be a by product of the one intended.

Internet Traffic customers should go to their offer archives where next to the name in play will either be or not be a badge which honors the name with being ranked in the top 10% of all domains. Since the Domain Name Sales value proposition is that only 5-10% of all registered domains are meaningful generics, and the company's house portfolio is known for passing that criteria, it may not be unusual to see Top Domain ribbons plastered all over your interface.

But where there is a name absent of a ribbon, it speaks even louder. Could the invisible button really be the "pigeon shit" indicator. Of course, as you see from my own records, even pigeon shit domains get offers, Beauty is always in the eye of the beholders.

But if you are looking to trim the portfolios, cut the dead weight carrying costs, eliminating those domains without the ribbons may be your best place to start.

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