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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Enough With The GoDaddy Coupons Already

How dumb can one be? This insanity is in it's tenth year. It has to be the ultimate of cons.

Collectively you will take Ten Million dollars out of your wallet and put it on GoDaddy's balance sheet. Very few of you will ever see that money again. This is not domain investing this is slavery. You work to man the man rich. What a way to GO Daddy!

And now dozens of bloggers are drinking the kool aid making look like Times Square and bloggers like the guys who run up to you and put porn invites in your hand.

Einstein said the most expensive things in life are FREE. You know why you get those emails from Alex, because GoDaddy sells your name and profile. If you use you will never see those emails. You really think they make a living on selling domains below cost. Each name is worth $30.

And why the urgency with the coupons? Because there are two days left to close the year. Executive bonuses will double if a certain benchmark is reached. So pump up their balance sheet... and enjoy your cheap domain.

btw, there are better coupon codes on Domainsville. Just write them down and don't go through their link- it costs them less so they pass on better pricing to you.

ps. Maybe would be receptive to taking the money you earmarked for GoDaddy and combining it with proceeds from thousands of others in a trust. You could decide how to invest the 10 million. Consider Elliot flipped a condo in two years and made 400K. Consider $10 million dollars invested in Alcatel stock would grow by four million in two months. Imagine you take your ten dollars and become a shareholder in a fund. Imagine getting dividend checks every quarter. And you have to imagine because domaining as you are practicing it has come to the end of its run.

Happy hunting.

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