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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Schilling Sells Near $250K to Truncate Popular Hook-Up APP; 3 Others Add Another $175K

Johnny Scruff is looking for love

Domain Name Sales is on the December year end roll we promised you and I plan to blog their success every step of the way.

Yesterday's Sales: $10-20k USD$ 150-250k USD $50-100K (with Domain Advisors) $5-10K  (see our recent piece on

Ironically Scruff, once a name associated with The  National Crime Prevention Council will now be truncation motivated rebranding the Gay Hook Up APP, Scruff (formerly, and a bargain even at the full $250K given what competitive app Grindr has been able to achieve with over a million paying subscribers and sold out advertising.

New York is arguably the best city in the world for spontaneous, mobile-assisted hookups.The Scruff team just relocated there to start this up on Perry Street.

Writes BetaBeat, 

"Scruff is a Grindr/Growlr-esque app that lets gay men search for and chat with other gay men around them in real-time. When you find someone you like, you can “woof” at them. Available for Android and iPhone, it is the only product of Perry Street Software. Eric Silverberg is another founder and Jason Marchant is “founding member and Chief Product Officer.”
The app is free but there are paid features available (featured profiles, enhanced messaging). ”We had opportunities to take funding but we decided not to,” Mr. Skandros wrote. “We also don’t intend to take any funding now that we don’t need to. We feel very lucky to say the least.”
Scruff is not planning to release a version for straight singles, as Grindr did recently with Blendr, GaysAroundMe did with “SinglesAroundMe” and OKCupid’s “anti-Grindr.”
“We want to remain focused on SCRUFF and the gay community. That is our passion,” Mr. Skandros said."
Is there money in Gay "Hook Up" sex? Just as Grindr. You could say that Grindr pioneered the location-based mobile networking trend. In the last year, Highlight, Sonar, Glancee, Intro, and many others have all tried their hands at connecting people based on proximity with mixed results. But Grindr, the dating app for gay men, has been doing it since 2009.

Today the company announced it hit four million users with 1.1 million daily actives. Last year it launched an app for straight and lesbian users called Blendr. And it’s expanded into 192 countries.

But, because it’s earned money from ads and premium services from the beginning, the company has never taken on a dime of outside capital. As it seeks to expand beyond simple messaging tools, the profitable 40-person company finds itself at a crossroads. 

The above names when added to Domain Name Sales results for December to date $3,000  $5K $3-5k USD $20-50k USD $5-10k USD $10-20k USD $10-20k USD $3-5k USD $2,000 $10-20k USD $100-150K $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $10-20k USD $5-10k USD $5-10k USD  $38,000 $3-5k USD $150-250k USD $5-10K $50-100K (with Domain Advisors) $20K $3-5k USD $5-10k USD

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