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Friday, January 18, 2013

10 million viewers a week; ad revenues of $830,000 PER MONTH— No Domain Required

Behold the power of the web:

One Million subscribers

Almost 150 million video views from content hosted for FREE on YouTube with a website domain simply redirected to the YouTube channel.

You can even order t-shirts from different countries in different languages. Or buy and rent content on iTunes.

All run by an anonymous individual in the music production business, that spoofs clips from films, TV shows, songs, and political news stories by overdubbing humorous vocal work that matches the lip movements of the targets. 

Rolling Stone described the channel as "the breakout hit" of the 2012 United States presidential election cycle. The producer declines to identify himself.

In a Rolling Stone interview, the producer behind the Bad Lip Reading videos said that he first encountered the technique of lip reading when his mother, then in her 40s, lost her hearing due to unknown causes. While she excelled at lip reading, he was unable to pick up the skill despite trying: "I was terrible at it." Then think about the brilliance of this, like all big web hits in its simplicity. Perhaps it's crazy to still be doing it all the hard way?

But what about copyrights? But then again it's delivering traffic to Google!

Watch a sample.

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