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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As Tia Wood Predicted: Launches Booking.YEAH- $Multi- Million Campaign To Brand Generic

"To me, why domains cost the what they do has largely to do with reverse branding: the ability to reverse brand a word for a company instead of a company for a word. " 
~~ Tia Wood commenting on Frank Schilling's post "WHY DO “GOOD” DOMAINS COST SO MUCH?"

I saw an intriguing spot tonight for Lots of money was spent to give personality and differentiation to a commodity "me-too" site driving Tia's point home. 

The ‘Booking.yeah’ campaign will launch with a 60 second film carrying the same title, which will air online and across the U.S. on TV networks and in movie theatres. The ‘Booking.yeah’ film will be followed by a further series of films (both 30 and 15 seconds); all directed by the infamous collective Traktor – with each individual narrative extolling the delight of right in a different fashion., Planet Earth’s #1 accommodation site, today announced the launch of its first-ever brand campaign. Created for the U.S. market with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the campaign will launch today online and in movie theatres and on TV networks across the country.
Travel and accommodation planning can be a gamble. U.S. travelers are oversupplied with choice and options and undersupplied with vacation time. Getting it wrong can ruin it entirely. But when you get it right, it feels absolutely incredible.
“With over 265,000 participating hotels and accommodations in 178 countries, and over 5,000 people worldwide dedicated to serving travelers since 1996, we believe creates more of these incredible moments for people than anybody else”, says Paul Hennessy,’s Chief Marketing Officer. “That moment of joy, when you realize just how great your accommodation is, and how amazing your trip is going to be, is the focus of the campaign.”
The campaign transforms the word “booking” from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction when you open the door to your accommodation and know you’ve got it right. It is an adjective for those moments of delight that uniquely delivers to its customers.
W+K Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath comments, “The accommodation sets the tone for the trip. When it's wrong, the trip can never be what you've imagined. But when it's right, you have won. You will sleep amazingly well. You will be funnier and more charming.  And those who have entrusted you with the booking will consider you to have superhuman decision-making powers. You are a booking genius.”
The films will be complemented by a range of online and experiential activations, providing further consumer engagement through a series of elaborations on the “Delight of Right”.

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