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Monday, January 21, 2013

Domain Name Selection Nightmares

I have founded more than a half dozen companies, exited from one and currently spend my time on PhoneTag and I have spent over $250,000 on approximately 200 domain names because I believe that a great domain is extremely important to the success of a start-up (I learned the hard way – PhoneTag used to be called SimulScribe). ~~James Siminoff

Another uninformed journalist does a hatchet job on domains.

Thanks to a reader for tipping me off to an eConsultancy piece called, "The Nightmare of Choosing a Domain Name." 

Mike Berkens often shakes his head at these kind of articles which unfortunately is the only side of the equation end users often see. If clients only knew that they hired "Naming & Branding Experts" that didn't provide them with the BEST possible solutions because of their Domain-bias. 

If the articles were to make sure the Naming, Branding & Marketing specialists of tomorrow clearly understand HOW to purchase names on the aftermarket and that, is ready to help! Along w/ Sedo, Afternic, DomainAdvisors, DomainHoldings, and more.

Some quotes from the article:
"Recently, I’ve been working on a naming project for an overseas client. The company is launching a new online business that will operate in a relatively crowded niche. All I have to do is think of its name. 

Oh, and just one more thing. The name has to be available as a .com domain. Nothing less will do." 

The article ends with this: 
"Of course, new suffixes like .me and .co have been introduced, to try and spread demand around a little. But their novelty has not translated into appeal; .com remains the daddy. 

The problem is that all the big, established brands use .com, and always will, making it the gold standard. If you want to be on a par with them (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to want a .com too. 

And that means, for the time being at least, we’re stuck with the unending nightmare of the quest for a decent domain."

Some endusers made these comments to the article which gives a great window into how they view domain investors:

"We have many Evolution Design domains but have stuck with as we have invested in it year after year.But every 2 years I get approached to buy, the price has gone from £700 to £16,000 and each time I decline. Am I right in assuming that each 2 year registration period the buyer has failed to turn it into gold so re-sells?"
"Very interesting. It's a challenge just like any kind of naming projects. And don't forget also to check its meaning in other cultures, and won't cause people too much trouble pronouncing and remembering it. Mondel─ôz, the new name for Kraft had a bit of a stir."
"We were fortunate to have been able to secure for our company as recently as three years ago. Ever since we started building apps, we decided to suffix 360 to their names. This provides a unified branding besides helps us get .com domain names for at least some of them: We succeeded with but had to settle for"

Read it all:

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