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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Francois Must Implement a $1000 Per Domain Feed Inclusion Tax on all Blogs

I wrote my state of the domain union address prepared late last year and held from distribution till now, that 2012 saw far too many new domain blogs few of which offered ANY value whatsoever.

Now when we have Rick Schwartz complaining that by 10AM in the morning he can't get his worthy posts seen because the feed is so clogged with pigeon lists and regurgitated crap (mostly press releases from advertisers who are still of the parking/Estibot mentality valuation that Domain Name Sales blew out of the water in 2012) and a domainer complains about the $100 minimum on DNS payouts because as a reg fee domainer he doesn't make $20 a month- bold action must be taken.

If you don't make $10 a months what business do you have giving advice to others. You should stop blogging. Name Jet already had to stop their affiliate program because every troll in the world was a name suggestion expert.

Put a $1000 a year tax on blogs to be included in feed and you will see the cream rise back to the top again. Poll the major advertisers and they will agrees. They are being hurt by shoddy reporting by amateurs who won't be here in six months or a year. Why should we be inconvenienced by having to read what they have not proven committed to. $2000 tax then for new players.

The "Times Square" tacky proliferation of blogs on Francois feed only serves to support Alexander Shubert's assessment of the industry, of fertile land invaded by grasshoppers.

Yes we are facing a domain pandemic.

And it is on the verge of imploding. First for merger and consolidation reasons Rick Schwartz laid out long ago. (Hint: The people at GoDaddy may have been your friends but the folks at KKR aren't- that's why your favorite reps are dropping like flies). Even the biggest domainers are broke and can not hide it any more. They don't want to buy your domains at inflated prices- only on the drop for less that $10 and then maybe not.

But the biggest implosion comes from left field. From new and different ways of working where domains nor their extensions are the center of the universe.

The fact that everything we know and base our businesses on today will not be the way we operate in a year to come. Ten years ago could I have convinced you that an iPhone would be something you couldn't live without and be more the definition of the net as we know it now?

Gesture and voice navigation is coming to eat your lunch. But every company, product, event, media title or channel will STILL need a brand identity. That's why domainers like Frank Schilling have bought names that pass these future tests. Names that are bullet proof. Names totally unlike those being pushed by bloggers who have no clue from what they speak.

Heed the words of Jakob Nielsen, the smartest web mind alive. He told us Yahoo was not immune from being replaced by Google and Google is never for ever either.

Some highlights (written in 1999):
"Unique visitors" and "reach" are meaningless measures: only loyal users count." 
"The fact that a Stanford student can build a better service than the Web's leading designed and visited site should be a warning to people who think the Web is all locked up." 
"The Web is still young with only150 million users, compared to about a billion users (in 5-10 years, depending on what predictions you believe) it follows that 850 million of the users are not online yet." 
“There is no reason to believe that these many new users will necessarily use the same sites as current users. In fact, since they will be late adopters they may well have different tastes than the current early adopters. Thus, current market share predicts very little about a site's future user base."
This was in 1999 and he was referring to Google destroying Yahoo. Think about it right now. May be worthy of a read or reread.

Bloggers we can kiss goodbye with a simple $1,000 tax. Pocket change to Adam Dicker, Frank Michlich, Elliot, Mike, Andrew, Shane, Theo, Sherpa, Ron and the legitimates among us who will gladly step up with their grand and whose sponsors will reimburse.

I like Alexander's analogy to Grasshoppers. Francois, rid us of these blogging grasshoppers! F: over to you!

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