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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

P. Diddy Paid $100 Million to Promote CIROC; CIROC Pays Frank Schilling ???? For Domain To Promote Movie The Movie

CIROC Vodka understands the value of having a big premium marquee name to put wind in its sales. They paid Sean P. Didddy Combs $100 million for various promotional appearances live and in commercials.

Now CIROC, on Oscar night, brings Jimmy Kimmel and more STAR-STUDDED talent together under the domain, acquired from Frank Schilling for an undisclosed sum under NDA. It's pretty great stuff, you should watch it here. Etibot nor anyone would see this application coming, nor its value to both CIROC and ABC.

While the month is still young several other of Frank's recent sales are already off parking and transformed  forever into profit-making sites for end users.

Continuing the trend of European CCTLD owners keen on having their matching .com, ==> sold $10-20K redirects to 

==>Casadelcafe.Com sold for $3,900 redirects to 

==> sold for $5-10K redirects to 

==>Bizy.Com at a whopping $40,500 redirects to 

==>And Ngames.Com at 50 large simply redirects to

Frank also sold big Pharma Morinda,, addressing the new condition called "AGE"

And while the imposter future trend domainers were alseep at the switch and having 3D dreams, a real future trend domainer, Merlin Kauffman who has his ears and eyes on the trending heartbeat of Hollywood scored big by having the domain to go with the Raspberry Ketone diet.

Domain Name Sales For January Through Today Include (linked where end user activated)

Bizy.Com $40,500 (redirect to $5,000
Bulkid.Com (Schaffer) $3-5K
Casadelcafe.Com $3,900  (redirect to
Catalyzed.Com $3-5K $5-10k $10-20K (Kauffman) $8,000
DeskTopThemes.Com (Schaffer) $3,500
Eljefe.Com (Kauffman) $20k (Schaffer) $3,500 (Schaffer) $3-5K $5-10k USD 3-5
Ngames.Com $50,000 (redirects to $2,000 $10-20K $5-10K $3-5K $5-10K $3-5K
RoadOne 20-50k $10-20K (redirect to $10-20K $3-5k $5,000 $40,500 10-20K $3,500 $10-20K $3-5K (Kauffman) (Schaffer) $5-10K  (redirect to USD (Dreamwiz) $9,500 (Kauffman) $7K

(Note:All sales DNS house unless otherwise noted, prices ranges only until confirmed by DNJournal, Check THERE on Wednesday. Non-prices are usually under NDA.)

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