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Friday, January 18, 2013

Shane's Big List + 10 MInutes on Google = Better Results

What if you had a prospect for every name before you buy it?

What if you can buy it for a price that any of these prospects can't refuse, if you need to liquidate and raise cash quick?

What if you knew how the names being dropped are being used in business- what assets already exist such as logos that tell prospects where to go, but they won't find them in the logical place.

What if you weren't selling a name but calling to offer a solution to a problem?

For example I found several brands using a WED logo, a short logo that would stand out on Twitter and on an APP, which in and of itself carries value- but there is no value unless the domain name they own matches- and hundreds need such a fix, yet only one can have it?

When I look at Shane's list, these are the kinds of opportunities I look for.

With less then 10 minutes additional research on Google, I am able to make a more informed decision and ensure that no dollars will be invested without a prospect in mind. 

A prospect who in a pinch, would snap the name up for twice the catch fee... and probably if marketed to effectively would pay a whole lot more. Here's a few examples from today's list.

Opportunity 1: Wed.Net  Prospects

Once Wed (oncewed) on Pinterest designer wedding dresses up to 90% off in our online marketplace. Once Wed is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. (currently

Warwick Evans Design- an industrial design, engineering, technology and product development consultancy based near Cambridge, England (currently

World Environment Day (WED) a program sponsored by the United Nations (currently


WED Michigan: (currently

Opportunity 2-
Facebook APP helps find people's REAL names. (

Natural skincare - Love the REAL you (now at
real-outsideShareRespect, Embrace, Accept and Love the REAL you · Find REAL on Facebook Find REAL on Twitter Find REAL on YouTube · About REAL Get REAL Skincare ...

Find The Real You! (now at
A self help site based in Burton on Trent offering personal development tips, self help book reviews, a blog and information on complimentary therapies and ...

Twitter alias owner

The band on MySpace:

Real You Inc- Only you can make real, positive change in your life. Only you -The Real You- can shake the bad patterns, let go of the junk that keeps you from moving forward. And only you can decide it's time. To get real. To get going. To start that business. To quit smoking. To stand up for yourself. To . . .live the life of your dreams. (

Real University (Realtor courses) REAL University buys Southside Real Estate Academy | 25, 2011 – REAL University is proud to announce the acquisition of the Southside Real Estate Academy. (currently

The Hood Internet - Real You (Lil B x Gold Panda) by ... - SoundCloud
Listen to The Hood Internet - Real You (Lil B x Gold Panda) by hoodinternet | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and ... (now at

Opportunity 3-

24 hour battery jump service (now at

Private web cam shows (now at

Owner of Twitter alias

IPhone app JumpMe

Wouldn't you think all these folks with long complicated urls would embrace truncating to something simple? Something that even matches graphics and logos they are already using?

Does the UN have a budget? You bet!

If a wedding planner charges a min of $2K per event, their clients hire them to make impressions.... how about making an impression for themselves that can pay for itself on just one client's fee?

On Shane's other post about IT, commenter's are right. There's allot of interest from Europe and they want t acquire their matching cctld in .com, .net whatever.

That's why I take issue with the guy who said "other bloggers just seem to focus on what sales IT has had or Franks big sales or polishing his ring." Not true. When you click on the links I've provided to see how the domains were being used, you gain real world insight to recognize opportunities and look at domain value in a new way. Everything I suggested above was based on what I learned from studying Frank's sales.

In fact the app itself offers incredible insight. You can check the other extensions and generally find the buyer through the one button press scripts provided to research linkedin, facebook and Google. I own a domain name which I assumed would be great for a headhunter or blog. In fact on my sales pages I went on and on about what I thought the domain was supposed to be about.

But studying the inquiries on the IT platform I learned this name has appeal in New Zealand, Australia and UK (other English speaking countries). With one prospect they are running a management training program under the exact match name. Their website brags about a government that hired them to put 3000 managers through their program at tuition of $6500 each. Wouldn't you think the name is worth at least the equivalent of one tuition? Now that I have several inquiries from serious well-funded businesses all in the same space, can I be confident holding out knowing only one can own the .com and with the .com they could expand their business licensing or franchising it to other geographies. Beats the $120 Estibot wants to convince me to part with it for. This is the bane of "Buy It Now" pricing.

True, the offer page on IT is the broken link. But information is power. And while I can see the count on Sedo of how many people viewed, I'd rather have a window into how the domain might be used and what that could be worth. 

More on Frank's platform later. Improvements are on the way.

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