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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Truncation Rules as Schilling Closes SalleDeBain Near $100K; Izabel Near $50K

I was reading all kinds of arm chair analysis on domain name appraisals. None covered the #1 reason end users are flocking to domain name sales in search of rebranding and improvement: TRUNCATION

To find your best truncation prospects lets say your domain is (discussed on my post about research Domain Shane's lists for guaranteed prospects and success BEFORE you invest in the drop) simply add a word or two before or after such as and viola there's your best bet to sell to!

And with that simple rationale, and up to 50 large to Messrs. Schilling is now

Among the other massive sales is (bathroom in French).

Here's the tally of all known Domain Name Sales closed deals through January 24, 2013: $3-5K
Bizy.Com $40,500 (redirect to $5,000  (Schaffer)
Bulkid.Com (Schaffer) $3-5K
Casadelcafe.Com $3,900  (redirect to
Catalyzed.Com $3-5K $5-10k $10K (Kauffman) $8,000
DeskTopThemes.Com (Schaffer) $3,500
Eljefe.Com (Kauffman) $20-50K (Royal) $60K $19K $10k $20-50k (truncate$5-10K (Schaffer) $3,500 (Schaffer) $3-5K $5-10k USD (NDA to CIROC) 3-5
Ngames.Com $50,000 (redirects to $2,000 $15K $5-10K $3-5K $5-10K $3-5K
RoadOne 25k $11K (redirect to ($50-100K) $20-50K $10-20K $3-5k$10-20k US  $5-10k USD $5,000 $40,500 10-20K $3-5LK $3,500 $10-20K (Morinda Pharma) $3-5K (Kauffman) (Schaffer) $5-10K  (redirect to $20-50K USD (Dreamwiz) $9,500 (Kauffman) $7K (not sold for SuperBowl- coincidence? Nope!) $5-10k 

(Note:All sales DNS house unless otherwise noted, prices ranges only until confirmed by DNJournal, Check THERE on Wednesday. Non-prices are usually under NDA.)

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