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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Will Get TheJob (.com) : CBS?

The Job is Latest "The" TV Show Title Coming To CBS (Without Domain).

Mike Berkens has had a lot of success with pronouns like The (which is also very hot right now in TV Show branding - TheView, TheTalk, TheChew, TheFive, TheTaste, TheCycle etc.). Most of these were accepted as "second best" name choices because they could acquire the for them. 

(Ironically in this age of TRUNCATIONS, many brands including Facebook that settled for "The" before their keyword are spending millions to drop it.)

But for a TV show it works which is why Hollywood Merlin Kauffman is buying "The" domains by the boatload. Remember the two words that make for a perfect Hollywood ending "The End."

I'm not so sure what's up with the domain for the new CNS Show TheJob.

Looks like in 2009 BuyDomains sold that "Mike Mann-generated" house name to PAULO CAIOLA SILVA of PINHAL NOVO, PORTUGAL ( 351-934-8012 who owns 124 other domains). 

Around 2010, the registration was changed to B MARKET, LDA. also in Portugal (with an email address netcasas@gmail.comwhich is associated with 380 domain names and uses THE SAME phone number 351.934-8012.

Now a parked page, under the same owner, it has offered jobs in Portuguese until it looked like CBS had leaked word of the show. Whether a deal is in the works, I don't know.

But for now CBS has settled on The twitter handle is still available to hand reg as a domain.

Of course the brands spending millions on these domains could care less about Traffic, CPC and search frequency, so I have no idea why every domainer still lives and dies by these fantasies that were only relevant until the day before Parking PPC died. As I said in an earlier post, there's lots of opportunities abound online but with climate change coming to bite you in the ass, it's time to stop chasing rainbows.

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