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Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Company Could Do Away With The Logo, But Not Its Brand.

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A company does NOT need to have a logo, but a brand is definitely achieved, consciously or unconsciously. A brand is an experience a company promises its customers through its products or services. And brands are built over a period of time - through positive re-inforcement of consistent superior performance and delivery. In short, a brand is built when a company delivers the utility (value) it promises its customers over a period of time.

Does Google have a brand? Of course, yes! The company Google doesn't even have a webpage as do zillions of companies world-wide. All it has is a search box. That's it. But, does Google deliver what it promises. Well, yes. Now, you have a brand!

Which watch would you rather buy for $ 10,000? A Rolex or some unknown "brand", though both watches have exactly the same functionality.

In this latest Harvard Business Review piece that argues the merits of generics over brands,  a company could do away with the logo, but not its brand.

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