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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CPG Brands Embrace Call-To-Action Clicks — Expect Uptick In End User Domain Demand

Years After Ditching the Click, CPG Marketers Embrace Web Ads With 'Calls to Action'

RB, Lever Add Interactive Games, Digital Deals to Online Branding Efforts

Lysol Power & Free
Lysol Power & Free
That's a back-to-the-future move for CPG marketers, which embraced the "click here" and "enter to win" admonitions of early internet ads but focused more on branding during subsequent decades. Recently, however, they've embraced anew the "call to action," thanks to increased focus on accountability, e-commerce and social interaction. Perhaps most important, the CPG industry, which has long put most of its true marketing budget into promotions, is moving toward offering digital deals.
Lysol Power & Free ran a Facebook program last year whose call to action was getting women to play a first-person-shooter game using a bottle of cleaner to zap germs. It encouraged them to post their scores, invite friends to play or share other content about the product, said Chris Pape, exec creative director at Genuine Interactive, Boston.    MORE FROM ADAGE including what's better call-to-action or call-to-coupon

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