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Friday, February 08, 2013

Geo Joint Venture Breakthrough "I am Not A Website, I am Just a Man"

And I was right.. these Joint Ventures like the biggest sales deals reported HERE, are motivated by one single factor: TRUNCATION baby. It's an upgrade as Aaron characterizes week after week HERE, but the upgrade is what prospects buy the TRUNCATION is what domainers sell. Estibot need not apple though LED REFs was on to something with a truncation tool How about you guys Protrada?

On January 10th we announced a breakthrough where the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors  Bureau with tens of millions of dollars of budget for promoting tourism in Vegas, stepped up and truncated the confusing part of their domain  by leasing and working with the geo domain owner. This is a JV model for EVERY city as the C&Vs can make more money for the domain owner than any other way and it's a travesty they've held out over a decade scared off by the sales price of the name.

Now we are in the age of leasing and this one example showcase possibilities made real.

With the leased domain to anchor $20 million GLOBAL ad buy as a call-to-action (yes Global do you notice where the tourists come from), Las Vegas has launched, the only "OFFICIAL" website for the destination. Owned and operated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), the website offers comprehensive and reliable information to aid travel bookings. In addition to purchasing air and hotel packages, shows and more, offers up-to-date insider destination information, planning tools and itineraries. The website is supported by an all new advertising campaign where  fellow named Las Vegas is sick of people confusing the website for him. It's great. Have a gander:

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