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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Go Daddy Gets It Right Through No Effort Of Their Own; Could The Spike In Sales Come From THIS Ad?

Day after the Super Bowl, Office Max comes along with a Go Daddy package that shows THEY understand that in the Mad Men days of Super Bowl ads they should be all touchy, feeling, brandy- there was NO CHOICE.

But today with the best direct marketing invention known to man called the Internet... with it the best sales order and call to action capabilities ever offered to Marketers via the web order form and money collector to close that sale, a direct response product begets a direct response offer and spot.

Perhaps THIS ad not the kiss is why GoDaddy is having record numbers.


Mike Berkens scolds me telling me that I shouldn't make it GoDaddy's responsibility to raise the value of MY domains. But many companies their size, who aren't run by corporate raiders who are simply there for the short term to pump and dump, actually support charities and GIVE BACK to the communities that support them.

In a day and age when you can't even get 1% on your money, you think GoDaddy might realize with the right creative, they could use the extended Fox discussions to tell folks who could benefit both themselves, society and GoDaddy by realizing that domains as an asset class have proven to be the fastest growing commodity known to man.

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