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Monday, February 04, 2013

GoDaddy Owes .CO An Oscar Make Good

"GoDaddy gets one star for completely forgoing cheap sexual exploitation in its ad. But loses it for the tight closeup of the long, awkward kiss between model Bar Refaeli and Walter, meant to symbolize the sexy side and the smart side of the company respectively. Still, it's a smarter brand position than "bimbos." And kudos for keeping everyone in clothes and not implying that Danica Patrick and Bar Refaeli will run off to the shower together after the shoot." ~~AdAge

I promise this is my last rant on Go Daddy. My point boils down to the fact that GoDaddy does a great job creating re-sale value for its company, and does nothing to improve the resale value for .com domain names. The money spent is a missed opportunity because a more strategic commercial could accomplish both objectives.

Someone said it looks like .CO stole .Net's idea and ad.

Verisign and .CO have same agency- that's why the ideas look like they come from the same mind. 

They are the only agency with deep industry experience who knows our products and our customers. 

That's why hiring Deutsch was GD's first mistake. They don't care about selling .CO they just want to make Donny look creative and get attention on the TodayShow.

YourBigIdea.CO” has earned more praise from critics and directly addressed the importance of taking action on your big ideas by registering a .CO domain name before someone else does.

Unfortunately people won't be talking about that opportunity today because the kiss ad stole all the thunder to hurt both companies chances of getting sales and mind share for products and solutions versus creativity in ads.

Of course KKR is excited because they only care that GoDaddy builds a name that's known so they can call on someone who only knows that much about them, and put it in their laps for 200% ROI.

Even Frank Luntz, the pollster showing focus group results on CBS THis Morning argies that a brand should only air ONE spot during the Super Bowl. Repeat it is good. Confuse it with another is bad.

The least Blake Irving owes the folks at .CO is a rebroadcast of THEIR spot during the Oscars with no  inference from any other GoDaddy spot.

What say you Irving?

BTW, I hear the GD folks have a marker out for me at Webfest. I won't be there which is why I dare say what I do from the comfort of here. But you can always send me more shirts to wear at the dog park!

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