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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Horse Meat (.com) Parked and For Sale on Sedo

Horsemeat Scandal Goes Global As World's Largest Food 
Maker Pulls Tainted Pasta From Spain And Italy.

In mid-January, Irish food inspectors announced they had found horsemeat in some burgers stocked by UK supermarket chains

Nestle withdrew two chilled pasta products, Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini, in Italy and Spain.

Lasagnes a la Bolognaise Gourmandes, a frozen product for catering businesses produced in France, will also be withdrawn.

A spokesman for the company told the BBC that Nestle had identified a problem with a supplier from Germany.

Subsequently, up to 100% horsemeat found in several ranges of prepared frozen food in Britain, France and Sweden.

Concerns that a drug used to treat horses, and which may be harmful to humans, could be in food chain.

Meat traced from France through Cyprus and The Netherlands to Romanian abattoirs

Investigation suggests adulteration was not accidental but the work of a criminal conspiracy.

The Moniker privacy-shielded domain is in high demand. 

John Stewart reports as only he can:

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