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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Moron Alert: AT&T Launches The Tech Report (TV) Overlooks Options

Big media budget brand AT&T has turned in a head turning choice in their acquisition of TheTechReport.TV as their call-to-action for expensive TV spots selling the very competitive AT&T U-verse which you must get a solicitation every day by mail, like me, right along with the Xfinity one you throw out.

Maybe this will break through the clutter but how do you not cover yourself with TechRepport.TV (available from Sedo) and / or (available for just $4700 from Buy Domains)?

Of course the ones folks will type-in and remain unregistered. I wouldn't touch em but you go ahead and have a ball. I'd vote the most truncated dot com.

Will the Fortune 100 ever get domains?

In my view not as long as GoDaddy wastes year #10 with Super  Bowl commercials that sell nothing. The GoDaddy spot is getting hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime and cable news discussion (especially Fox who loves to show skin than blast others for morale failure in their culture wars). 

Unfortunately it's all about how hot Bar Rafaeli is ad her kissing guy is not as if we are learning something we didn't know. What is NEVER mentioned is what GoDaddy does and can do for you (I mean average Joe public no drunk domain gambling addict) and that adds up to ten years of EPC failure in my book. 

I mean on the Bowl you have the undivided attention of everyone responsible for this camapaign. Geez HP and all lamestream media: Ya think you might find a couple of sentences to throw in "A better quality name could make your website more valuable and you can find a pre-owned one right here in the aftermarket section of" or a voice over at the end of the spot? Domains are serious business- look at TechCrunch dead pool and see how many failed companies were DOA by starting up with a bad one. Sir Ogilvy is turning in the grave! 

Are they the morons are we the morons?

Back to the subject, At&T has hired a real LA news reporter to front these infomercials. KTLA's tech reporter, Rich DeMuro, talks about all the wonderful apps and Santa Trackers out there this Christmas. Halle Bender has AT&T U-verse on her Christmas list and Todd the Installer is there to give Santa a hand.

Have a look:

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