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Friday, February 08, 2013

Moron Alert: Owner of World's Most Valuable Portfolio Goes With

OF: This to me sounds like it belongs under the innovation project and ripe red meat for In fact that's one of the best names for this PG endeavor. Also better my own or or Or ThoughtConvergance, IdeaLab, InnovationHQ-- perhaps they'd trade a few names they don't fancy for ones they have needs for. With 300 brands to nearly five billion consumers in more than140 countries, you'd think they'd be prospect #1.

Now some history:

from DomainSherpa:
PG Is Wasting Half a Million Dollars a Year on

"Everyone knows that it is advantageous to be ranked high on Google’s organic search results, and that a generic keyword domain name can get you there. Among generic domain names, the crème de la crème is a single-word, industry-defining domain name – such as But even with the inherent superiority of such a domain name, its value is undermined if the company that owns it does not develop a useful website on that domain, a website that can reach the top rankings of search engines.

Such is the case with, owned by the Procter and Gamble Company (PG). PG is not capitalizing on the marketing value of its domain name and, as a result, spends money it should not have to buying supplemental pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

By not putting to full use, P G wastes more than $500,000 every year."

If  Michael Cyger thinks that's a waste, how about passing on names like....

In favor of PG Connect Develop (.com)??

Yes, Procter  Gamble Co. who markets 300 brands to nearly five billion consumers in more than140 countries, launched a website to link innovators with the company’s most pressing needs.

PG (NYSE: PG) is focusing on “strengthening areas of our open innovation work to deliver more discontinuous, breakthrough innovations,” Laura Becker, general manager of the company’s Connect+Develop program and global business development, said in a news release.

“Part of that work,” she said, “means making connections both easier and more effective.”

The website is Needs are organized by business area and searchable by topic. Innovators also can access a full description of every need, including scale and success criteria.

Might one of the most pressing needs in business be to be found rather than lost in cyberspace. Might an innovative solution to that problem be found simply in a domain rebranding upgrade.

PG acquired rights to a broad range of generic domain names related to the product categories in which it competes in 1995. In 2000, The company has recently reviewed all of these names and concluded nearly 100 are not strategic for selling PG-related brands. The company put them up for sale but sell they didn't.

PG is finding and exploiting a range of new ways to leverage its existing value, such as licensing its technologies, patents, trademarks and know-how. PG established a global licensing group in 1996 to lead and manage this work, which represents new sources of incremental revenue and growth for the company.

And I guess it wouldn't surprise you that PG stands against the new gTLDs. "A program to let companies acquire their own Web suffixes is failing to win over U.S. brand owners such as Procter and Gamble Co. (PG) and Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) that don’t see a need to expand beyond .com."

"PG, the world’s largest consumer products company with more than 50 brands including Tide detergent, Pampers diapers and Crest toothpaste, won’t apply for new suffixes, said Paul Fox, a spokesman. HP, the biggest computer maker, considers the program costly and has no plans to take part, said Gary Elliott, vice president of global marketing."

btw, Maybe Cyger's article had influence. is live but looks like a third grader designed it!

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