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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Move Over Property(.com)— Keyzio (.com) Is Out To Eat Your Lunch

 DomainConsultant opines, "And sadly so because the real drop in parking revenue has come from an overall decline in type-in traffic. Names that used to get 300 a day now get 50 – unless of ofcourse it is garnering hits from other sources like typos, ads, TV, etcWhy? I have my own theory which states that browser search and apps have replaced ‘type-ins’ as a means of finding things through the address bar. Fact is people use URLs far less overall than they used to – particularly because browsers have minimized the address bar, made it easier to search. Does the drop in revenue coincide with the rise of Chrome? You tell me."
Well Mike Foil, it might be from launches  like this one right here:

Your house might not have a “For Sale” sign planted in the front yard.
But a 1999 SM East graduate thinks you might be willing to entertain offers just the same.
By day, Parker Hills is an engineer with Burns & McDonnell. But after a frustrating experience trying to sell his wife’s Prairie Village home and find a larger one for them both to live in, Hills saw an opportunity to fill a need in the residential real estate world and founded Keyzio, a company that lets people offer and browse “soft” listings via the web.
“When you typically sell a house, there is a ton of stress — you have all these outside parties involved, and once you’ve sold your own, you have a limited window to find a new place to live,” he said. “We wanted to give people a way to passively market their homes.”
The company has received some early support from Think Big Partners, which provided seed funding after Hills’ idea won second place at Kansas City Startup Weekend in April 2012.
Keyzio just launched its iPhone app.  SOURCE:

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