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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

UFOs Over London 2011; Same Craft Hovers Over Webfest 2013

They're back!

From my beloved archives of the VIP Frager Factor:
On Jun 26, 2011, at 9:23 PM, Owen Frager wrote:

Good Morning Folks,

Didn't hear anything about this on the news, but if you look at the right of the page- there are certainly a lot of eyewitness  accounts. Thoughts?

In response one of American's most famous and iconic technology advertising executives responds:
Owen, believe it or not, I saw a ufo land in 1967. So did thousands of other people. Was at dusk. A couple of moves were similar to this video. Mother ship hovered. Baby ships dropped from it. Hovered then one lowered to earth, the other returned to big sphere. Then big craft slipped away real fast. Very chilling. Was in NJ over Goffle Brook Park. Called the local police. Took a while to get thru. They said their phones were lighting up light a Christmas tree. Was interviewed by WINS radio. Nothing in any of the papers. Local, or NYC. Called the police to follow up. They said high school students doing weather balloon experiment. My eye. Big weather balloons don't have bright white lights and little ones don't have red ones. Seven years later was in a candy store with my daughter. She picked up a UFO magazine. Said, "Daddy, look at these pictures. They look like what you're always talking about." Sure enough. It was daytime, but still photos of exactly what I saw. Only the shots were just taken... in Arizona. Read an article years later about some writer's father from North Jersey who saw what I did at the same time I did. Told his kids about it and has been on a quest for flying saucers ever since. Haven't thought about that for a while.

And now today, he should because the saucers are back.

Keep your eyes open (especially all over California and Webfest events seriously!)

They may be here for your domains.

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