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Monday, February 25, 2013

Unroll (.ME): GREAT APP As Seen On Katie Couric

.ME continues to make it's mark as a great app brand. And Unroll.ME is a case in point.

According to Mashable, "Yesterday I was subscribed to 271 newsletters. Today, after putting about 10 minutes of effort, I'm subscribed to just the 17 of them I find useful — and they arrive at my inbox packaged in a single email."


", which started as a simple hack for unsubscribing to emails, is the startup behind this improvement, and it's launching a redesigned product on Monday. For the first time, users can compile the newsletters they do want to receive into a one-email-per-day digest."

Would Unsubscribe.ME be a better name. Currently parked and owned by investor "Ardi Dwinanta"  I think it's too long for an app icon. See with APPs graphics matter.

There is a smart team behind They covered their bases by regging which is a MUST for all.ME registrations.

btw, is shielded by privacy and parked with Internet Traffic

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