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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warren Royal Leverages DNS Platform For 6-Figure Mad Money — Mike Mann Can't Stop Selling....

Warren Royal  and his Bobble friends
It's great to see so many names from the old days on Rick's board hitting home runs with domain name sales proving time and patience pays.

It's no wonder Internet Traffic was voted readers favorite parking solution on Domain Name Wire. While Warren Royal is busy running the very successful, he must be overjoyed to have the DNS Platform helping him capture and close six figures a year plus in side biz.

Warren is not alone. In the first 19 days of February, Domain Name Sales has delivered another round of sales numbers beyond compare: (Schaffer) $3-5K $20-50K $5-10K        $10-20k        $3-5k $5-10k schaffer         $10-20k  (Warren Royal) $10-20k
IrondeficiencyAnemia com $5-10k $3-5K (Scahaffer) $5-10K $50-100k     $10-20k (Schaffer) $3-5K $5-10 $20-50k $5-10       $5-10k

Mike and Tiffany Mann Beautiful valentine's Day newlyweds   (photo: Mike Mann)
Mike Mann continues to amaze on his own platform, boasting on Facebook about selling for $18,000, purchased 3/16/09 $70! They are all like that because in as much as Mike loves to sell I've never seen a shrewder buyer.

All in a day:
Domains sold: 11
ASP: $2,018.18
Total: $22,200.00

He does all this with rock music blasting in his ear and finding time to marry sweetheart Tiffany Reynolds. Congratulations Mike. All of our readers are hoping that you have a healthy, happy and long life together!

Other recent sales closed by Mike:

Mike opines, ".Com will always be king and dramatically outsells any other extension, maybe 30:1. The prices of super premium domains went down around 40-60% over the last few years due to a bad economy and marketing people confused over domain branding best practices. Therefore the best domains are dramatically under priced today and will go up in value much faster than the economy or most other investments."

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