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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I've Learned From Reading Other Blogs

1. The new gTLDs are far from impact. First end user backlash is rising. Second many corporate applicants have dropped out.Third while large sums of money are being collected, I have yet to see a true advertising and marketing budget and strategy to educate the masses. Finally with the kind of moronic corporate thinking I've showcased here ten years into the game (, TV shows going to market without the domain, companies like AFLAC promoting a url that goes to a Facebook page...) what will cause a sudden rise of consciousness nor remove the agency roadblocks as they pooh-pooh domains in order to preserve a larger share of client's wallets.

2. We are seeing a sudden flip flop with bloggers advocating the new promise of parking. We have more parking companies in the game then ever. Some are spending big on ads. None are addressing the reasons why parking is challenged:
1. Hijack of user intention at the browser bar
2. Ban of parked pages from search
3. Declining market share of Explorer browsers which helped parking the way the new unbar safari and Firefox browsers hurt it
4. Two billion dollars spiffed to Apple and Mozilla to lock parked pages out
5. Ads that are not compelling and have no offer to engage a click
6. Results that are buried in a line item as "other network" so buyers of ads never know where these ads are placed, where the can be placed, where they can be placed exclusively to eliminate competition, and how they truly perform
7. Click fraud which is taxed upon good actors
8. Inability to audit detailed analytics
9. Inability to capture user data or to participate in profits from it
10. Inability to track or be compensated for lifetime customer value
11. Inability to track or be compensated on credit card earnings from your click
12. Change in user behavior based on age, demographics, platform, apps etc.
13. Investor evaluations STILL based on search and cpc projections when 1) Few end users have ever bought based on these 2) no one has ever realized the cpc quoted because its for Google owned real estate 3) no on gets the traffic projected based on 1, 2, 3, 4 above 4) every seasoned domineer with sales under their belt will tell you the appraisals are meaningless because they are based on these fantasy assumptions (1,2,3)

3. DomainSherpa continues to hit it out of the park, presenting a very insightful interview with Joe Udemme. I think it was the first time ever that we get a glimpse of what a true professional domain broker does to sell a name.

4. Perhaps one of the best Mike Berkens posts ever. He takes on a moron from a forum and gives everyone invested in the biz, renewed confidence in themselves and their visions.

5. Accidental Domainer continues to peel back layers of top reported DNJournal sales to see what they've become. In most cases these seem to be wholesale sales shielded under privacy. In end user activations we see two trends, European firms acquiring the matching .com for redirect and truncation to shorten/improve a name. I don't believe you can use a wholesale purchase as a comp. Perhaps they have funds to reinvest to avoid taxes. Perhaps they are building a collection of names around a central theme and adding a name that helps sell the package may be worth over paying for.

6. The most amusing Google alert I've ever received. The headline "MediaOptions gets an astounding endorsement from Shane Cultra."

7. 400 plus folks went to Webfest but I've yet to see anyone come back pumped about Oversee. What are they rolling out? How are they changing your life? And hasn't anyone figured out why Kim K was really there and how that factors into their not buying the domain?

8. Has anyone else noticed that Domain Advisors is K-I-L-L-I-N-G_ IT!

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