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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Branding on the POOP Bag Brilliant: Dog Walkers Take Heed

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With a name domainers would not get too excited. But we'd be wrong. Because domain names on printed advertising material can generate as much traffic offline as they can if they had type-in traffic online. It's a type-in of a different sort, like a business card someone looks at for reference then types from.

In this case a firm wants to see biodegradable dog poop bags, something only dog owners might understand but this represents a huge niche community of consumers. So they give their branded poop bags away to dog parks and folks like me take one home  and from the URL on the bad order our own supply.

Think of how they can expand this by offsetting the sampling cost with ads from other complimentary non-competitive partners like In fact, once they capture the POOP bag owner's credential they can sell them anything dog on third party relationship.

So Elliott Silver and Danny Welsh get busy!

BTW, Thanks to Jon Harrison for finally vindicating me by realizing this blog is an incredible resource of sales strategy for the day and time when you are finally ready to call on end users. Visit Rick's new forum as i have been pulling out the gems from within.

One that applies to this case:

"Lot more eyeballs on those SKU supermarket aisle labels every day then there are on any website. A huge opportunity especially with vitamins and other skus with odd domains or medical names. For example, if I just bought some Hines Muffin Mix it would be great to offer a prize for (Schilling domain) on the package. Then you get this anonymous customer from the supermarket, put their credentials in a database and begin a lifetime relationship with social marketing and coupons to keep them from the competition. In this case only one of 1000 cake mix companies can have this domain."

It's all about Lifetime Customer Value and that's what branding on the POOP bag starts and there'[s not need for Google to even know any of your business. Let alone take a cut.

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